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How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Break

How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Break

With summer just beginning, you might be asking yourself: how am I going to spend my time? For college students and recent grads, you might be looking to have a productive summer break. Or maybe you want to unwind after working so hard at school. Either way, you can definitely make the most of your summer days. Here’s how I suggest spending your time off, whether you want to pursue a summer of work or relaxation:

1. Find An Internship

Though in some circumstances it’s easier said than done, I recommend searching for a summer internship. Internships are a rewarding way to spend your time off from school. Not only will you gain necessary life and professional skills, but you’ll have the opportunity to get ahead in your future career field. Not to mention, they look great on a resume! With so much happening online, remote internships are usually available. If you really want to save up your dough, I encourage you to apply for remote internships and paid work positions. In my experience, it’s relatively easy to balance an internship with a part-time job. Of course, you can try to find in-person internships that cater towards your interests and experience. Handshake, Glassdoor, Intern Queen, and, of course, LinkedIn will be your best friends! 


2. Build Your Side Hustle

I’ve witnessed firsthand how competitive internships can be. If you still want to beef up your resume but don’t have an internship, spend your summer building a side hustle. Side hustles are a perfect outlet for employing your creativity. Artists, designers, and entrepreneurs can launch their small business on Etsy or Square Space. Freelance writing is another side hustle you can take on this summer, especially if you’re interested in working in a literary field. Writers can also start their own blogs, using websites like Installatron and WordPress to help them. More of a talker than a writer? Create your own podcast! The possibilities for side hustles are endless. 

3. Make Time For Road Trips

You’re young! It’s summer! Save some room for fun and travel. As a rising senior, I know how some trips can exceed a college budget. Instead of traveling via plane, save some money by hitting the road. Plan a route with your friends and start driving. Even if you plan them beforehand, there’s always an element of unpredictability to road trips that I love. Anything can happen on the road. Maybe there’s a sight that catches your eye, or maybe your car breaks down, making for a frustrating, though funny-to-look-back-on memory. If you really want to go under budget (and embrace life on the road), gather some blankets and pillows and sleep in the back of the car. Don’t sleep at the wheel, of course. 


4. Try Something New

At risk of sounding like your mom, I encourage you to try something new. College and post-grad are prime times in your life for exploration. Before you settle down at a full-time job, build your range of hobbies. It’s important to be spontaneous, especially at a stage of life where you feel like you need a set plan for everything. While you’re filling out job applications, book a class online or in-person. Skillshare offers a wide range of classes for any interest. You can also check around locally for free or inexpensive courses, from cooking to crocheting. If you don’t want to spend your summer in classes (understandable), just follow Youtube tutorials. You can learn anything from a ten-minute long Youtube video, no charge needed. Hobbies will provide you with mental stimulation, and they can be just as therapeutic as they are productive. I’m big on yoga, journaling, baking, and writing, but the choice is up to you!

5.  Dinner Parties!

If you’re close to graduating, sadly, you’ll be seeing less of your friends in the future. Every chance you have to be with them this summer, take. Dinner parties are the best way to bring your friends together and chat over tasty dishes. What’s better than a normal dinner party? An outdoor dinner party! Spend some time decorating your patio for the perfect al fresco meal. Have your guests dress up, make some summer cocktails, and encourage everyone to bring different plates. Cheese boards are an easy dish to throw together, but you can explore Pinterest for more complicated recipes. Since it’s the summer, you’ll want a display of fresh fruits and veggies. Start the meal with a caprese salad and end with a strawberry shortcake! For extra fun, make it a themed dinner party. You can choose a color scheme for people to base their outfits off of, like a bright pink or classic white. Or, to spice things up, make it a nautical or derby days theme. 

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6. Take Yourself On A Date

What better way to spend your free-time than practicing self-care? I’m sure you worked hard from fall to spring. You deserve a break, and sometimes, that involves a break from other people. I know some people hate being on their own. But being on your own doesn’t make you lonely; you get to learn more about yourself and go by your own schedule. I’ve learned to love the time I spend with myself. To start with, you can go on a drive with your favorite playlist or podcast on deck. Another easy self-date you can take yourself on is to a coffee shop. Bring a book, pop in your Airpods, and get your go-to order. Or, treat yourself to a trip to the mall or a nice meal. Though it may seem scary at first, you’ll grow to enjoy spending time alone. It’s important to be just as comfortable with yourself as you are around your friends. 


Of course, there’s no pressure to “make the most” out of your summer. You can spend it however you like. Work, go on vacation, or just veg out on the couch…there’s no rush to do anything. 

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