How To Make Out Like A Pro

Okay, I am going to be honest with you guys. I have only ever made out with one person. My boyfriend and I have been together since freshman year in high school. I know, people shouldn’t date out of high school, but we like each other so we decided to keep it going. 

Since we are the only ones we’ve made out with, my experience is pretty limited, but our make-out seshes are great for us. However, I am right along with you when it comes to learning how to make out like a pro. 

If you are like me and have limited experience, or have no experience, I have done the research folks and here is what it says on how to make out like a pro. 

How To Make Out Like A Pro

Make Deep Eye Contact

Eye contact is a very important step when learning how to make out like a pro. It is all about creating that connection and showing your partner you are ready for the making out action. Eye contact can also make things steamier as the longer you hold the gaze of your partner, the more the tension grows. 

This technique is a great one to start off with when you are with someone you’ve never made out with before. As a relationship grows, this step does not seem to be as important as you and your partner have already established the connection that others are trying to find the first time around. 

Something to go along with eye contact is leaning into your partner. The lean is a subconscious, and in this case conscious, way of letting your partner know you are very much into them. Maybe place your forehead on theirs to let them know you are ready for the kissing to start. Don’t rush things as it could come off as kind of odd. 

How To Make Out Like A Pro

Don’t Just Kiss The Lips

When it comes to learning how to make out like a pro, you have to know that only kissing the lips can become a bit boring. To avoid this, kiss your partner in other places. Around the faces slowly can come off as sweet and seductive. Kissing the neck, while a great place to further the make-out sesh, always seems to heat things up even more. 

To do this right and not make it awkward, move slowly. Always move slowly to build that tension up. Start by kissing the corner of their mouth. Then, move to their jawline and either go up towards their temple and forehead or move down towards their neck. 

If you are looking to heat things up, even more, kiss their ear and maybe nibble on their earlobe. Make sure to have good communication between you and your partner because some people do not like this move, however, it can be one that is extremely sexy. 

How To Make Out Like A Pro

Keeping Things Exciting

Honestly, kissing someone for a long time can be very boring if you are not adding things to the make out sesh more exciting. If the tension is high between you and your partner, then yes, the kissing might be all you need, but once you and your partner get pretty comfortable with each other, the kissing needs something more. 

This is your chance to experiment a little. Learning how to make out like a pro is also all of the little things in between as well. Tease your partner a bit by pulling back and looking deep into their eyes just as the making out is getting good. This will get them to want you even more. Just do not make this move too often otherwise it will be kind of annoying. 

Another great tip on how to make out like a pro is to say things to each other as you make out. If your partner goes to kiss your neck, you can whisper some things in their ear. Nibbling on the bottom lip is also a great way to heat things up even more!

How To Make Out Like A Pro

French Kissing

I used to be so grossed out with french kissing, and then it finally happened to me and I thought it wasn’t that bad. If you are comfortable with french kissing, just be aware of your tongue as well as theirs. 

French kissing can be really hot, but if things start to get messy, it can really screw the whole making out session up. Learning how to make out like a pro is also learning how to control your tongue during this part of the make out session. 

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Remember to always keep it nice and slow. Create a good rhythm with your tongue and stick with it. Don’t be slobbering all over your partner either because that is the part that may make your making out come to a halt. Unless you are both into that kind of thing. 

How To Make Out Like A Pro

Use Your Hands

Hands are a useful tool for many things, but they seem kind of pointless during a make out sesh. However, hands can actually do a lot while making out with someone. Learning how to make out like a pro also means learning where to place your hands during the making out. A great way to start things off is putting your hand on their leg, or their face while creating the connection through eye contact. 

Once things start to heat up a bit, start rubbing their arms or their back. Run your fingers through their hair like the movies. The one thing you really do not want to do is keep your arms and hands down at your sides. This can make things very awkward because it looks like you might not be very into the whole making out. 

You also do not want to go overboard with the hands. Don’t be groping your partner every chance you get. This is learning how to make out like a pro, not anything else. So, make sure you are focusing on the kissing, but also let your hands roam, as long as your partner is comfortable with that. 

How To Make Out Like A Pro

Take a Breather and Wind Down

The last tip I have for myself and all of you is the part where we wind things down in a graceful and very non-awkward way. When it comes to anything in a relationship: physical, mental, emotional, communication is key. Always, always, always. So, if you need to stop for whatever reason or are just ready to take a break, do not be afraid to tell your partner. 

End the making out like you started it. Slowly. Move away slowly and start giving softer more sparse kisses. I always like to end with a forehead kiss. This would then begin the process of complimenting each other and just an overall discussion on how that went for the both of you. Validation is something we all kind of look for when we become physical with someone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to express your thoughts and feelings of the whole thing. 

How To Make Out Like A Pro

Well, those are the basics of how to make out like a pro. They are not super hard to forget, but in the moment, things can get all jumbled and weird. Don’t feel bad if things don’t go so well on the first try. Like everything, it takes practice. Tell us some of your techniques in the comments below!

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