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How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

Try these DIY Scrunchies hand sewn or with a sewing machine some can even be made without sewing at all, which is perfect for the craft-challenged like me. For most regular-sized scrunchies you will need to cut a piece of fabric 3 inches by 22 inches. Then fold the fabric lengthwise and pin across the open edge. Next, you either hand sew the edges together or sew them on a sewing machine. Then you’ll put your piece of elastic through the fabric and bunch up the fabric to your desired look. Lastly, you’ll sew the ends together. For no-sew scrunchies, you’ll need the same materials and you’ll go through the same process but instead of sewing the fabric you’ll hot glue it together. When it comes time to close the scrunchie off, you can either hot glue it or make a little knot or bow. Here’s a bunch of DIY hair scrunchies that will be cute AF.

1. Knot Scrunchie:

If you want a cute scrunchie look that you don’t always have to spend time sewing, go for a knotted scrunchie. This scrunchie acts as a great accessory because of the knot at the top catches everyone’s eye and people will soon be commenting on your gorgeous ponytail, even though it only took you minutes to put up. Pick a patterned fabric like polka dots or thick stripes for this scrunchie and you will definitely get all of the compliments.

2. Velvet Scrunchie:

One of the most popular scrunchie types that I see all over Instagram and Pinterest can now be yours; and it can be made by you, too! Velvet is such a soft and cozy feeling fabric, you may have to push yourself to make the scrunchies and not just spend all of your time chilling and feeling the fabric! But, once you make the scrunchie it will be more than worth it because it will effortlessly glam up any outfit.

How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

3. No-Sew Scrunchie:

A no-sew scrunchie can be in any color or fabric you want, so long as you don’t have to sew it! This would be perfect for people who don’t have a sewing machine, can’t hand sew, or don’t have the time or resources to learn either of those skills. You don’t need to be a sewing genius or a craft goddess to have a perfectly made scrunchie that is tailored to your size preferences and style. Actually, making a DIY no-sew hair scrunchie makes you a crafting queen anyway!

4. Scarf Scrunchie:

For some extra flair like the knotted scrunchie or bow scrunchie, go for a flowy scarf scrunchie. This scrunchie will definitely get attention, in all the right ways, when it flows in the light wind behind you. You’ll feel glamourous without a doubt. To spice up this scrunchie pick a pattern like leopard print or a soft see-through fabric. It’s also easy to add the scarf to this scrunchie. Just make an oversized scrunchie and then tie extra fabric or a small scarf of your choice to the hair scrunchie. In order to bring the whole look together make sure the scrunchie and the scarf match, at least in color.

How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

5. Bandana Scrunchie:

The classic bandana pattern is officially coming to scrunchies! You could use the bandana as the fabric itself (which I highly recommend since it looks adorable) or you could tie a bandana around a hair scrunchie of the same color for a little extra something. This is a scrunchie that was made to be worn in the summer sun or while walking around the county fair on a summer night.

6. Bow Scrunchie:

This scrunchie will have everyone asking “where did you get that?” and you’ll have to disappoint them by saying you made it yourself and there is no other kind of hair scrunchie exactly like it. This scrunchie definitely gives off a preppy, girly, and classy vibe; So if any of those are your style, or if all three make it into your style at some point, then this scrunchie would be for you. To make sure the bow stays attached to the scrunchie, you’ll have to sew it on but you can definitely hand stitch it on so if you don’t have a sewing machine then no worries!

How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

7. Pom-Pom Scrunchie:

If you are looking for a fun scrunchie style that was meant for parties and fun weekend outings then go for a pom-pom embellished hair scrunchie. Chooses small pom-poms to make sure you can get the most embellishments on the scrunchie without completely covering it. Also, these can be sewn on, but also hot glued onto the scrunchie depending on the fabric. So, if you don’t sew at all but still want to dress up a scrunchie, this could definitely be the craft for you.

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8. Silk Scrunchie:

For a hair scrunchies that is just as soft, Instagram worthy, and effortlessly stylish as a velvet scrunchie, look no further than a silk scrunchie. The silky fabric is, of course, divine and feels amazing in your hair since the soft fabric doesn’t grip too tight or cause any snags. This scrunchie can even accessorize a business causal outfit by using it to put your hair in a half up-do, but it also will add a little flair of glam to your high ponytail when paired with your oversized fluffy sweater and leggings.

How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

9. Large Fluffy Scrunchie:

What could be better to accessorize your hair than a fur scrunchie? Maybe one of these other scrunchies, but not much else. This scrunchie can also be worn on the wrist when you feel like having your hair down for a picture or just want to let your hair loose for a while. All other scrunchies can be worn on the wrist too, of course, but this scrunchie looks like it could’ve also been made for that purpose. It’s like getting two accessories in one; a hair tie and a bracelet. Plus, the look of awe from people when you tell them you made it will feel just as amazing as the fabric.

How To Make Hair Scrunchies That Are Cute AF

I hope this list of cute AF hair scrunchies gave you some major crafting inspiration! Which DIY hair scrunchie are you dying to try out? Let us know in the comments below!
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