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How To Make Everyone Green With Envy With These Planting Tips

How To Make Everyone Green With Envy With These Planting Tips

You don’t have to have a green thumb to follow these planting tips. Spruce up your living space by displaying your plants in a fun and easy way. Whether you want to make a statement or simply want to keep them alive, these tips will make everyone else green with envy. 


Plant Baskets

Great news, you finally have a real use for all those woven baskets you’ve bought from Marshalls! Instead of storing them under your bed, turn them into plant baskets! They are sure to make a statement in whichever room you use them in. Start by spraying the basket with a protective spray to prevent staining from watering. Next, use a liner in the basket. You can buy one from a store or make one yourself. Then fill the basket about two thirds of the way with a potting soil mix. Now, you’re ready to add in your favorite plant! Planting tip: you can plant both annuals and perennials this way.


Macrame Plant Holders

Add a little color to your room by making a macrame plant holder. If you’re not sure what this means, it’s a fabric cord that is knotted together to form a hanging plant holder. You can buy the cord at most craft stores and even some home improvement places as well! There are so many variations ranging from simple to intricate. Either way is great, it just depends on how much you are willing to take on at once. Try contrasting the cord and planter colors for results that stand out. Go with a white or tan cord for a more natural look! Hang multiple plants at different lengths to really create a dramatic plant statement. 

Tiered Hanging Plant Baskets

Keep your plants safe from pets (Benji, we’re talking about you) with a tiered hanging basket! This hanging plant holder works best indoors, but you can also use it outdoors, too! Especially, if you’re limited on green space. Start by finding three to four baskets, with handles, that are all similar. Another great excuse to go shopping at Marshalls! Then spray, line and plant flowers in each basket. Use rope, twine or chains to tie all baskets together, starting with the smallest at the top and increasing in size. Then, all you have to do is find the perfect spot to hang your plant baskets!


Grow Up

Slat Plants

If you’re feeling down because you don’t have a lot of space for plants, things are looking up. Literally look up! Slat frames make the perfect vertical garden! Not only are they super cheap, but they can be aesthetically pleasing as well. You can either leave the slats as they are or paint them a color that compliments the area where it will hang. Once you know where you want it, you can start arranging your plants. Use S-hooks to keep plants safely secured and also allow you to rearrange them at any time. Planting tip: shower hooks work just as well and come in cute designs!


Ladder Plants

Vertical gardens are becoming extremely popular. It’s no wonder, you can have a garden/plants where space in limited. Start by taking any old ladder (rounded rungs) and give it some TLC. After it is cleaned up and painted, you are ready to add on your plants. Use metal plant boxes with handles to make it easier to attach to the ladder. Attach the plant boxes with S-hooks to the rungs of the ladder. This time, you will definitely want to use a heavy duty S-hook, as the plant boxes can be heavy. The contrast of metal and wood gives off a modern vibe that will look good in any room.

Pallet Gardens

We love that you can use pallets for pretty much any DIY project and get amazing results. By refurbishing a pallet, you get a simple vertical garden. Start by finding a pallet and sanding it down! It’s optional if you want to stain it or leave it natural. Once that’s done, remove every other slat and reattach it to the underside of the one above it. The idea is to create a three sided box. Then simply fill with soil and add in your plants! This type of garden tends to work best with herbs, so make sure you don’t forget to label them accordingly! 



Shower Hangers

You know taking a shower makes everything better. Well, do yourself a favor and give it a small upgrade. Think about adding in a plant hanger! Hear us out. Most people love bath and body products with eucalyptus, so why not have the real thing in your bathroom. Simply hang a macrame holder in your shower and set a plant in it. While you shower, the steam will enhance the plant’s scent, calming you down and relaxing you. Plus, you don’t have to worry about watering your plant!


Rolling Garden

Do you want plants in your kitchen or your living room? You can have both with this rolling garden idea. Do you need a spot for your hanging plants? A rolling garden is the answer. Want to have a mobile herb garden?  A rolling garden will do the trick. Need extra space in your living room for a get together? A rolling garden moves into the kitchen. You’ll get a little bit of everything with this style of plant holder. Planting tips: you can make your own DIY rolling garden platform out of recycled goods!

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Window Shelves 

Let the sunshine in! Actually, one of the best places to keep plants is in the window! It makes a lot of sense actually. They are in direct sunlight the majority of the day, plus they’re in a controlled environment. If you don’t have a windowsill to set your plants on, don’t worry. You can make a hanging windowsill plant holder! Simply use wood planks by cutting out planter sized holes and pop the plants into them. Then, make a small hole on each side of the plank, so you can run a rope through it. Secure the shelf on each side with a knot and attach it to the curtain rod. If you don’t have a curtain rod, you can always put in a hook at the top of the window frame and hang the rope from it.

Planting Tips

Egg Shells

Forget about Humpty Dumpty and putting him back together again! We’re going to let you in on one of the easiest planting tips! If you’re growing tomatoes or peppers, adding egg shells to the soil will make them plumper. The egg shells contain calcium that will make your plants stronger as they soak up the minerals.


Coffee Grounds

Everyone loves coffee, including the plants in your garden! Keep them looking “green” with coffee grounds. When you are getting ready to plant your plants, simply mix in the coffee grounds into the soil. They contain nitrogen which plants need to make chloroplast. It’s one of the cheapest ways to fertilize your plants, plus it’s all natural!



It’s all about the layers! If you are starting with a new plant or transferring one into a bigger pot, you need to give it layers. We don’t mean giving the leaves a trim! We are talking about layering the soil. Start with rocks for drainage, then sand to filter and finally the soil for nutrients! This is one of our planting tips that is fun to put into use!

Which style of plant holders do you think you will try? If you use one of our planting tips, make sure to comment or post a photo of the finished product! 

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