How To Make Dominance In Bed A Turn-On Without Going Overboard

Dominance in bed is a sensational experience that every couple should try in order to add some spunk into their sexual relationship.

Dominance in bed is a supplement to intercourse that enhances sexual arousal between partners. In this generation, couples are more adventurous in their sexual experiences versus in past generations. Intertwining dominance in bed is a great way to heighten the atmosphere to an exotic state of wonder. Here are the simple steps on how to make dominance in bed a turn-on without going overboard.

Let It Come Natural

Dominance is not about power but solely based on the way individuals carry themselves in the perspectives of others. Natural dominance is the method of influencing and swaying your target audience. In this case scenario, dominance between the sheets is to sway your partner’s emotions tell they reach climax.

Some ways of being dominant in bed start with communication. Words are powerful and can move people. Same is true in bed. Be direct with your partner with clear and efficient directions. Let them know what you want and how to perform that specific task.

Your voice is power influencing action. Be passionate as your hands caress your partner’s body. Whisper in their ear when they’re doing a good job, this will highlight who’s in control.
Asking your partner to announce you as Sir or Ma’am to showcase your dominance over them.

How To Make Dominance In Bed A Turn-On Without Going Overboard

Eye Contact Is Crucial

Dominance in bed is nothing without eye contact. To keep your eyes on your partner will have them hooked to you waiting for your next instruction, your next move. Keep your eyes on your partner which will stimulate the sexual tension. Let your eyes be steady so that your partner is unable to figure out what is next on your agenda.

Eyes can be a manipulating feature at times and this is the power of eye contact. Let them trust you but at the same time have their adrenaline rushing. Eyes search the soul and sense fear. Eyes are the power of their beholder.

How To Make Dominance In Bed A Turn-On Without Going Overboard

Give Out Punishments When Needed

Punishments are to be taken as a sexual dominant part of intimacy and should never be torturous or brutal. As the dominant person in bed, your instructions should be listened to and followed by your partner. When your partner makes a slip remind them that you’re in charge.

This can be done by simply not allowing them to orgasm during the height of intercourse. Or maybe a simple spanking not to hard but not to light. This will send your partner over the edge, giving them a sense of submission which can be a major turn-on for them. Listen to their responses and feed off their vibe. If they are enjoying the alternative avenue than you can push it a little bit more. But make sure your partner is responding well to each punishment.

But remember no and stop are words that should never be crossed. Plus, safe words are always a smart idea to use when integrating dominance in bed.

How To Make Dominance In Bed A Turn-On Without Going Overboard

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Dress The Part Or Play The Part

The way you dress can hold a sense of power to every sexual encounter. Lingerie is perfect for finalizing a naughty vibe to a submissive role. If you want to flip the script, dressing in a more dominant outfit like a dominatrix bodysuit will show your partner you’re in charge and they better listen to you.

Playing roles also brings out the spirit of dominance and submission. These scenarios can be simple like being master, mistress, school teacher, coach. Each role holds some kind of prominence in society. Therefore, they have power in their instruction over others.

How To Make Dominance In Bed A Turn-On Without Going Overboard

Consent Is Powerful

Don’t engage in dominance in bed if it’s not a neutral agreement with your partner. Dominance is always fixed upon consent and should never go over what your partner is uncomfortable with. If your partner agrees to explore dominance and submission than try it out with these simple steps. You don’t necessarily have to break into bondage to be dominant that’s a little too advanced for beginners.

How To Make Dominance In Bed A Turn-On Without Going Overboard

Intimacy is beautiful with a strong touch of connection. To add dominance in bed can strengthen your sex game and be a fun experience to explore. Let us know in the comment section if dominance in bed is something you’d consider.
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