How To Make DIY Rose Water Toner

Recently I was blessed with roses and after my bouquets started to wilt, I wondered if there was any way to increase their longevity. The cut roses only lasted so long, but I discovered another way that I could keep them “alive.” I love finding creative uses for any leftover product or material that I have so that I can use it again in a meaningful way – so I made the roses my next project. I searched up on the internet any uses for leftover roses and I finally found a great recipe for rose water toner. I tweaked it a little to match what I currently had at hand, but now I’m sharing it with you. Here’s how to make your own DIY rose water toner from home!

1) Things You’ll Need

You’re going to need some items before you get started on your rose water, so make sure you have:

  • A bouquet of roses
  • A strainer
  • A pot and a pot lid with handle
  • Two bowls
  • A dishtowel
  • Distilled water and ice
  • Liquid Glycerol

How To Make DIY Rose Water Toner

2) Wash The Roses

You’re going to need to wash the roses in order to make the rose water. Pull the head of the rose apart from the stem. The head and all the petals attached to it should come off easily, if not, try twisting the head and pulling at the same time. Once you pull that apart the stem and the stamen should be remaining, which you can toss into the garbage since you won’t be needing them for the recipe. Take apart the petals and place them in the strainer. Wash the petals.

How To Make DIY Rose Water Toner

3) Prepare The Pot

Place one of your bowls face down into the pot so its in the shape of a dome. Place the petals in the pot and around the bowl. Then fill the pot with some distilled water just covering the petals. Place the second bowl on top of the bowl facing down making sure this one is face up. The first bowl should act like a stand for your second bowl to collect the rose water. Bring the pot to a boil. Place the pot lid, inverted, on top of the pot and put some ice in the middle of the lid. Drape a dishtowel over the pot.

How To Make DIY Rose Water Toner

4) Cooking The Roses

Once the water is brought to a roaring boil, bring it down to a low boil. Condensation will accumulate on the lid and trickle inwards towards the lid handle, which will then fall into the open bowl. This condensation is the purified rose water. Keep boiling for around 45 minutes, or until there is no more water left to boil, and replace the ice when needed. Once done, remove the lid and take out your bowl. The bowl should be filled with a liquid, and now set it aside to cool. You can discard of the boiled roses.

How To Make DIY Rose Water Toner

5) Prepare The Toner

Now you need to prepare the rose water so that you can make a toner out if it. Or, you can keep your rose water as is and not add anything. Pure rose water balances the skin pH, can get ride of acne, and can refresh the skin on its own. However, in order to make a toner you will need to add glycerol as a humectant to lock the moisture into the skin. Add a couple of drops to your rose water, store it in a bottle, and you’re finished! You can customize your toner with some witch hazel, essential oils, or even Vitamin E as well.

How To Make DIY Rose Water Toner

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