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How To Make Casual Look Formal

How To Make Casual Look Formal

Especially when you’re a young adult in college, you can’t really be expected to have more formal clothes than casual. Then, of course, there’s that one occasion where it’s the perfect excuse to dress to impress. But, if you were to obtain a new formal outfit, or two, there’s really no telling if you’d ever wear it again. This would just be a waste of your time and money. This is how you can make any of your casual dress fit for anything fancy, even a black-tie event.


Before thinking about the clothing items that can formalize any casual look, it’s important to first think about personal hygiene. Eliminating any and all body odor can only increase any other fragrance that you may add for any event. Otherwise, it can only shadow so much if you don’t take a bath or shower. For clean hair, it goes without saying that a conditioner after shampoo helps nourish it for the day, and drying it with a microfiber towel can save a lot of time with styling it later. If you don’t even have that amount of time, use a dry shampoo.

It’s also important to make sure whatever you plan to wear is as neat as a pin. Be on a lookout for any holes or stains that might be present before putting it on. If you choose to wear a shirt, whether it has buttons or not, sometimes tucking it into your pants or skirt adds that little bit of neatness. Beware of those that can obtain wrinkles easily. That in itself screams “unprofessional.”



If you wake up in the morning and your hair simply doesn’t want to work with you, even after a wash, the best thing is to not leave it undone. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, especially if your time is restricted. Even something as simple as a messy bun or braid won’t portray you as negligent. With the right look, it can definitely be pulled off. If time is on your side, go for a chignon of your choice, or a Dutch braid, depending on the length and cut of your hair.


In most cases, the colors that are considered more mature, including the different shades of grey and beige, and the cooler blues, pinks, and greens, can formalize any casual look. And, of course, you can never go wrong with black and white, even if they’re what makes up your entire look. Most fashion experts advise easing away from brighter colors, as they can say a little too much that what you want. if that is the direction you wish to take, sometimes one or two pieces of that color, whether it’s your shoes or your lipstick, can be that cherry on top.



This is another tip that goes without saying, but accessorizing the most informal of outfits, from tops to bottoms, to even t-shirt dresses can give that statement that’s bold but subtle enough to impress your professor or business associate. If your outfit contains more of the neutral colors like black or white, adding that little bit of color in a necklace, earrings, or even a handbag can say so much with so little. If you’re one to present yourself with the bigger and flashier pieces, that’s perfectly fine as long as it doesn’t totally clash with everything else. Even something as simple as a small studded belt above the waistline can transform your more casual dresses that instruct the addition of whatever goes with your regular style, whether it’s classic, edgy, or even bohemian.


Inspired by Ms. Career Girl, the term “less is more” can even make the boldest looks shine. Only use a light layer of concealer “where you need to hide flaws. The quickest thing you can do is use two coats of mascara, a stroke of eyeliner, and red lipstick. Though minimal, you will achieve a fabulous look with these three essentials. If you can put in a little more effort, use your ring finger and dab some lipstick on your eyelids and cheekbones. Smudge well and use the same color on your lips. A monochromatic look is sure to get your attention.”

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Needless to say, flip flops, sneakers, or anything worn for any easygoing day doesn’t exactly say “dress for success.” In any case, heels of any height are your best friend and can go with any skirt or pants, even certain cuts of jeans. With a pair of pantyhose or stockings, they make your legs look fantastic, and you can easily walk into a room with confidence. If heels aren’t your thing, slip on a pair of nice flats or strappy wedges, as long as it goes with your personality and the name you want to make for yourself.

Play with Layers/Outerwear

Of course, there’s no saying you can’t add a little edge to your casual-formal wear. And what’s more edge than a little bit of leather? Nothing. As long as it’s not too baggy and ragged, it can be something as simple as a neat moto-style jacket over a light t-shirt and trousers. Such a look could even go with a small pair of heels as well. It doesn’t have to be a jacket or a coat, either. Such pieces may include a cute sweater to go over a collared shirt, a blazer over a lightweight shirt, or even a brightly colored scarf to make the look pop.



Depending on the kind of event, denim jeans may or may not be the best fit to go with that blouse and blazer. That’s not always the case, it just depends on the fit and the number of holes that came with them. There’s no saying you can’t add denim to your formal look at all. There are plenty of denim shirts, jackets, and even chokers that can complement any style of dress or even trousers.

Would you use these ways to style your casual clothing to make it look formal? Let me know in the comments below!

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