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How to Make a Stay at Home Date Night Fun

How to Make a Stay at Home Date Night Fun

Trying to plan that perfect night in without having to break the bank but you don’t know what to plan? Don’t overthink it, there are plenty of classic and simple ideas on how to make a regular date stay at home date night fun for couples.  

1. Uno

We all love the idea of Game Night! It usually starts with some nice drinks, sets out some snacks  setting up to the fireplace, and then lets the fun begin. The best game to probably play as couples would be Uno because it is one of those simple yet competitive card games that get you going on the near point of winning or playing one wrong move, you lose the entire game. If you want to make it even more exciting, try making it a double date. A date night at home can be great, but a double date night can be even more exciting to help break the ice. 

Quality time with another couple can be so much fun


2. Lights Out

As adults, that feeling of having the power goes out is terrible. Our biggest fear is probably no light and WIFI, like seriously! Why not turn this situation into an amazing couples night. All you have to do is light some candles, cozy up to each other next to a fireplace, play some smooth music on a blue tooth speaker, and just let the mood take you from there. Sometimes it’s the most inconvenient situations that force us to put away the electronics and just enjoy quality time with each other. 

Its the simple things that make quality time romantic

3. Netflix

Ok, we all remember that classic phrase a couple of years ago when it came to the phrase “Netflix and Chill”. We all thought that it means just watching your favorite shows together, but through the eyes of kids, to them, it is just a way of saying let’s get it on! This may be true for some kids, but as adults, it is literally what the phrase says. Sometimes you just got to take the night to yourself as a couple and just relax and vibe out to your favorite shows together. 


Your favorite television show's make the perfect idea for quality time

4. Culture Dinner

Sometimes you got to mix it up when it comes to cooking and try making new dinner ideas with a splash of culture. This idea is so great for stay-at-home dates and made for any type of occasion. Just choose a country that you are interested in and pick a dish inspired by that country. If you are feeling Italy make some homemade pasta with a nice bottle of red wine or if you ever wanted to go to Mexico, try some spicy Fajitas and some homemade Bacardi Mojitos.

Quality time deserves a bit of culture


5.  Wine and Reading 

We love spending our leisure time reading a fascinating book and going to fancy wine tasting, but this can be quite expensive and even books can cost quite a bit. Luckily, this is very to remake back at your house. Go to the library and check out your favorite book and head to your nearest liquor store to find some good tasting and affordable wine and spend your night reading and having a nice relaxing drink with each other. It does not matter if you are a dedicated reader, what matters at the end of the day is having that perfect time together. 

Quality time with quality wine

6. Nightly Routines 

When the day comes to an end for us, we usually like to end it by doing some nice skincare routines. But whoever said that you have to spend the night doing it by yourself! Try something simple like doing face masks with each other. It is easy, hygienic for your skin, and most importantly you cant resist laughing at each other on how goofy and silly the two of you look. 


Quality time spent taking care of each others hygiene

7. Traveling 

Sure spending a few days at your local be both easy and cheaper, but eventually, you will want that thrill of wanting to go outside the country and explore the vast regions of the world. Nothing is better than spending a romantic night under the fool moon standing in front of the Eifel Tower in France or relaxing together on an exotic beach in Abu Dhabi. Some couples’ activities may seem a bit expensive to have a good time, but it is all worth it having that overseas connection.

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Quality time overseas

8. Camping out

I remember those days when we were forced to go camping in a park surrounded by people with other kids it was always hectic. Instead of camping in such a crowded area, just enjoy the simple comfort of camping in your backyard. All you need is a little tent for the two of you, a warm toasty fire pit, and of course, you can forget the marshmallows. Hey, if you want to make the mood right, try telling some scary stories. The two of you together alone in a tent telling scary stories, hahaha now that is a camping night to remember!

Quality time with a camping night


9. Picnic

Ever wanted to have a day where you can have a nice picnic together, but unfortunately, the weather is just not going to allow it? Just spread out a blanket in your living room with a nice bottle of Chardonnay with some tasty fruits and pastry’s and now it can be just as romantic at home as a stay-at-home date night idea as it can be at a park or your backyard.  

Quality time spend in doors

10. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare used to be that icebreaker to get things started when we were kids in middle school. Shore this game may seem a bit cheesy, but whoever said that you have to stop it. Playing  games like Truth or Dare as a couple will help you get to understand your partner a bit more and while playing it at home, who’s to say that one answer will make the two of you want to try something very intimate!


Goofy games make te best quality time

Having the opportunity to share those outside dating experiences with your partner while having them from your living room is a lot more convenient and holds more meaning than having a date.