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How To Make A Crop Top That Doesn’t Look Botched

How To Make A Crop Top That Doesn’t Look Botched

How To Make A Crop Top That Doesn't Look Botched

Knowing how to make a crop top that doesn’t look botched is CRITICAL to your wardrobe. Everyone loves a good crop top especially with this tiny shirt big pants fad that has been going around lately. Crop tops are super cute, super trendy, and a great way to show off that booty! Sometimes though it seems a little ridiculous to be spending money on only half a shirt. Absolutely if its cute, buy it! It’s great to have clothes that look nice and were made cropped. However, sometimes you would get a lot more use out of some of your old clothes if they were cropped! Its also is a great way to go thrifting. If you see a cute shirt, but it’s huge? Make it cropped! You have to make the crop top so it does not look completely crooked though, and this is how!

1. Choosing a shirt

The first step to making a crop top is obtaining a top to crop! This could be any of your old shirts you don’t really wear anymore to something you buy at the store. If it is one of your old shirts, you know exactly how it fits and where you need to cut it for it to look best. If you are purchasing a shirt you might want to try something a little different. Buying a shirt that is a little bigger makes a crop top look really great. Especially when it comes to crop sweaters. I typically wear a small, but when I make cropped sweaters I enjoy buying them in a large. Just because I like the look. Just try a bunch of different things out to find what works best for you!

How To Make A Crop Top That Doesn’t Look Botched

2. Try the shirt on

Before you do anything you gotta try the shirt on. You need to figure out where it is you want this crop top to go. Do you want some under boob action or do you just want the shirt at your hips? I find the perfect length is typically right above my belly button. I like to wear my crop tops with high waisted pants and that is typically where my high waisted pants fall. I even find it helpful to put some high waisted pants on and make a slight mark right at the top of the pants to cut the shirt at. In order to know where to cut the shirt I take a piece of chalk or a pencil and make a small line to make sure to cut the shirt at the right length!

How To Make A Crop Top That Doesn’t Look Botched

3. Line everything up

In order to make sure your crop top is absolutely straight you need to line up all of your edges. Trust me, every edge is important. Make sure your shoulder seams are not at all bunched. You can do this by pinching the shoulders and shaking the shirt out to make sure all of the fabric is laying flat. Once the shirt is laid down, spread the sleeves wide, you don’t want them to accidentally get cut in the process. Then you are going to line up the bottom. Make sure both the back and the front of the shirt are lined up. You don’t want the back to be higher up than the front! A great tool to use if you are really getting serious about making these tops is a fabric grip mat. This will allow you to make sure you are going to cut your crop top straight across because there are numbers that will tell you exactly where to go. Making sure everything is lined up is the most important step when it comes to making a crop top.

How To Make A Crop Top That Doesn’t Look Botched

4. Hold her down!

You of course can do this with your hands, but the best way to do this is with an acrylic ruler. The ruler will stop the shirt from moving all over the place and it is going to tell you where you need to cut. You have to lay the ruler right across the line you made in step one. Then you need to make sure the ruler is in line with the same numbers on your no slip fabric mat. You can use this ruler as an edge when you are cutting your crop top.

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How To Make A Crop Top That Doesn’t Look Botched

5. The cutting

When you are cutting your crop top, not any scissors will do. Please do not pull a random pair of scissors that you cut paper with out of your junk drawer and start using this on your shirt. You of course can do this, but sometimes they do not cut the fabric as well causing it to get caught and create a more jagged edge. The best tool to use when cutting your crop top is a rotary cutter. This is a fabric cutter that almost looks like a pizza cutter. It really helps reduce the look of a jagged edge because you are not opening and closing a pair of scissors. You are just slicing the shirt in one quick shot. If scissors are something you want to use, try and use fabric scissors. They are much sharper and although they will still make a jagged edge it will definitely be less of one compared to a shirt cut with regular scissors.

How To Make A Crop Top That Doesn’t Look Botched

What tips do you have when taking scissors to your clothing? Comment them below!

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