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How To Maintain Health And Fitness This Fall Semester

How To Maintain Health And Fitness This Fall Semester

Trying to maintain our health and fitness while feeling drained, sleepy, and unmotivated as we dig deeper into the semester and its grueling demands are difficult but possible! It just takes a bit of mindfulness, work, and drive. I have the perfect tips to help you maintain your health and fitness this fall semester so you can get the grades you want, feel happy, healthy and confident! 

1. A Flexible Schedule 

As someone who succeeds with routine, being in class for some part of the day, having to spend hours on work and essays, and then going to my work-study job, it sometimes became a hassle to find time to workout. That’s why I had a weekly schedule that laid out the best times to add working out in between class, work and study times. Of course, that high-pressure routine isn’t for everyone and it doesn’t always work out.

But having some sort of flexible schedule is key so you can work out when you want to! If you end up having too much to do, then opt-out of the workout! 


2. Make Time For Activity! 

You may be sitting most of the day or have a need to nap here and there which is why making activity a priority will help you maintain health and fitness while also keeping you motivated. If 10,000 steps a day is a goal, then set it and see to it that you succeed by walking everywhere you can and always taking the stairs. Even if you don’t have time to go for a run or go to the gym during the day, wake up and do some pushups, or a quick HIIT workout.

Blogilates on Youtube is also another great option to add in a 10 to 15-minute heart-pumping workout. This will without a doubt help you keep up with health and fitness in-between days you can’t make it to the gym. 


3. Eating At The Dining Hall 

The dreaded dining hall, we’ve all experienced some odd food combinations and some terrible aftermaths. Just like your activity, make a plan. Before you walk into the dining hall, plan out your healthy choices so that when you are faced with the pizza or delicious alfredo pasta, you are able to steer clear. Even if you are feeling like having a slice of pizza always add a salad onto that entree. Eat the salad first and make sure you drink a ton of water, this will not only help your digestion but fill you up with the good stuff before you go in on the bad stuff. 


4. Drinking and Partying 

 If you are a lover of beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks, try to cut down on the heavier stuff. Drinking lighter seltzers while intermingling with a cup of water in between will keep you hydrated and help move things along in your body. You may also want to cut down on how many nights you do drink one night a week. No one likes waking up feeling gross and sluggish, in order to keep up with health and fitness goals you may need that extra day on the weekend to get a good nights sleep and lots of studying done. 

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5. On That Note, Sleep! 

Sleep is probably the most important part of maintaining one’s health and fitness yet in college it becomes difficult to upkeep. That is especially if you are studying late at night, have a ton of stress on your plate and possibly drinking and partying on the weekends. Getting at least eight hours of sleep every night will help your mind, body, and soul rejuvenate and heal from a day’s hard work and stress.

Without it, you could go off track, eat unhealthy options or binge eat, and become moody. One tip I live by is making sure I am in bed by 12pm every night and wake up around the same time every morning. It keeps my routine consistent my mood positive. 


6. You Cannot Fail! 

Whether you’re trying to work out every day or just stay generally happy and healthy throughout the semester, remind yourself that it is impossible to fail! You are doing the best that you can, you are allowed to live and eat a balance of healthy and unhealthy foods! This is your health and fitness, you get to decide what will work best for you! So don’t be too hard on yourself. 

We know it can be difficult with all of the stress, studying and busy schedules but hopefully these tips will help you to maintain health and fitness this year! What are your health and fitness goals for this fall semester? We’d love to hear what your tips are for maintaining health and fitness throughout the semester! 

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