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How To Maintain An Active Social Life On A Budget

How To Maintain An Active Social Life On A Budget

How To Maintain An Active Social Life On A Budget

So many of us know all too well that ballin’ on a budget can be a real struggle. It takes a certain level of dedication and self-discipline to not spend your entire paycheck or allowance within a week or two weeks time. This became especially daunting on your self-prowess when you want to experience your first taste of freedom to the fullest. Here are some ways one can maintain and active social life while on a budget.

1. Campus Life

Get involved with your Universities campus life and immerse yourself in campus activities and new hobbies. Clubs, intramural sports, student government, and exercise classes are just a few ways one can meet new people and hang out with friends, with no cost at all. To participate in a commonality activities not only allows you to meet new people, but it allows you to slide comfortably into a social routine. Check to see if your university offers anything from ultimate frisbee to cycling, to salsa dancing to a foreign language club.

How To Maintain An Active Social Life On A Budget

2. Support Your Fellow Peers

At university one can often find students that are willing to showcase their talents free of charge. Not only is it good for campus morale, but taking your friends to go see the latest play put on by the Drama majors, or visiting the art student’s gallery shows is a free activity that can get you out of your room whilst supporting your peers. Its also gives you insight to learn more about your school what other activities and educational programs are offered. Hey, it just might interest you enough to take a new class outside of your major next semester.

3. Hang Out in Public

Don’t be afraid to walk leisurely around campus or spend time in the common room. Running into new people and striking up random conversation is not only a way to hone your social skills but a way to possibly make new friends as well as socializing with you peers that you otherwise would not have talked to before. Hanging out in the common room gives you a chance to meet the very people you share a roof with it. It’s a place that can easily breed friendships since its filled with people you will see on a regular basis throughout the year. Not only that, but Resident Advisors often put on cool, unique bonding activities for dormitory residents as a way to interact with fun and enjoyable activities and discussion. 

Taking a stroll through you beautiful campus often times will allow you to run into various clubs and organizations that your university offers to students. More often than not students are always putting together fun campus events or recruiting new members into their administration.

How To Maintain An Active Social Life On A Budget

4. Open Your Doors

What better way to save on finances than to stay home. No it doesn’t have to become you dealing an invitation once more, instead invite friends over and host a mini get-together. Invite your friends over for games and a couple of drinks, or maybe to binge one of Netflix’s many series. If your dorm or apartment complex has a pool, don’t be afraid to have friends come over to splash around in the sun. There are creative initiatives we can make to spend quality time with our friends without spending a dime.

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5. College Student Freebies

If there one thing that college students are always looking for is a deal. If an establishment has a percentage discount, a buy one get one free deal, or absolutely free, you better believe we will be there. If you know certain establishments have deals at certain hours of certain days, it helps to keep a calendar to help keep track of when a swanky bar has two dollar cocktails, or when a restaurant gives student discounts off the menu. Museums, galleries, theaters and shopping complexes are often businesses that will happily cater to their student clientele, so be sure to ask if student discounts are available.

How To Maintain An Active Social Life On A Budget

Share with us down below, what are some interesting ways you maintain an active social life on a budget?

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