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How To Love Yourself On Valentine’s Day If You Just Got Dumped

How To Love Yourself On Valentine’s Day If You Just Got Dumped

Valentine’s Day sounds picture-perfect – when you’re in a relationship that is; but what do you do when such a holiday comes around and you find yourself single? This can be especially hard when you’re struggling to overcome a recent breakup – but that’s why we compiled these 10 tips on how to love yourself on Valentine’s Day if you just got dumped.

1. Avoid Social Media At All Costs.

The last thing you want to do on Valentine’s Day is scroll through your newsfeed; in doing so, you’ll be upset by what you find – especially if you’ve just been dumped. There will be countless pictures of couples – scattered across the whole internet – which will leave you feeling a lot more hurt than when you started; in fact, this can bring up old memories causing you to reminisce on what was.

2. Avoid Looking At Old Pictures Of You And Your Ex. 

Delete old pictures at all costs; you’ll be glad that you did because then you won’t be tempted to take them out and look at them again. Not only that but getting rid of the past will help you look forward to the future – by drawing your attention away from your recent heartbreak. However, if you do happen to have an accidental straggler then the best thing you can do for yourself is erase it automatically – rather than to keep it around; only then can you start to love yourself.

3. Exchange V-Day Gifts With Your Other Single Ladies. 

Whoever said that Valentine’s Day is a couples holiday? Well, it’s finally time to switch things up as you embrace in your singleness; in fact, there’s nothing to be ashamed of – and honestly nothing better – as you take time to focus on your own personal growth, without the distraction of another to hold you back. That’s why this serves as one of the best times to get your fellow single ladies together for a friendly gift exchange; then everyone can feel loved – including you.


How To Love Yourself On Valentine's Day When You Just Got Dumped

4. Enjoy A Night On The Town With Your Girls. 

What better way is there to get your confidence back – and love yourself a little bit extra – if not through a girls’ night out with your best friends? Go all out, get dressed up, and add a matte red lippie for a classy look; in doing so, you won’t be able to help but to fall in love with yourself all over again. The best part about it is that you won’t be spending Valentine’s Day alone – moping around in the comforts of your own home – but will be surrounded by people who care about you.

5. Avoid Watching Rom-Coms (Romantic Comedies). 

Romantic comedies are an absolute no-no if you’ve just been dumped because even though they are funny, they can still open up a can of worms. So do yourself a favor and rid yourself of romance altogether – by engaging in something that is sure to make you laugh. After all, they aren’t lying when they say that “laughter is the best medicine.” 

6. Host A Movie Night At Your Place. 

One way to get your mind off things is by hosting a movie night; when you’re under the weather – and in deep thought about your breakup – you can rest your mind for a little bit by watching several to cheer yourself up. In fact, this serves as the perfect distraction – by allowing you to disassociate yourself with the pain. Just make sure that you come back to reality at some point – rather than to ignore the hurt altogether; only then can you learn to love yourself again.


How To Love Yourself On Valentine's Day When You Just Got Dumped

7. Treat Yourself To A Date Night. 

Being single doesn’t mean that you have to stop being kind to yourself, so why not treat yourself to a date night – even if it’s with a friend? It will be a fun experience – and help you to replace the painful memories with new and better ones. Then you don’t have to dread Valentine’s Day – as though it’s a bad thing – but make it memorable. Years later you can even look back and smile at the love you were given by your friend – instead of looking at love altogether as a hopeless endeavor.

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8. Change Your Wallpaper To Something Encouraging. 

Looking down at your phone’s notifications may give you a sudden urge to text him; not only that but it could make you upset beyond belief. Fortunately, you can avoid this by setting your wallpaper – or lock screen – as something motivational; in doing so, you can find encouragement, and even be reminded of just how strong you really are. All in all, make sure that whatever you choose gives you the right amount of reasons to love yourself.


9. Don’t Be Afraid To Cry.

Have as much fun as you can on Valentine’s Day – but if you do feel like crying at some point, then don’t be afraid to let it out. Just make sure that you’re in good company – because if they are a close enough friend then they are certain to understand. After all, you are going to have to release all of the bottled up emotions at some point anyway – so wouldn’t it be better to do so while you have someone around to console you?

How To Love Yourself On Valentine's Day When You Just Got Dumped

10. Eat Your Weight In Ice Cream And Other Sugar Filled Snacks.

After what turned out to be a hard day, don’t you think that you deserve it? You can worry about the insane amount of calories tomorrow – but for tonight just feel free to indulge yourself; honestly – with the type of day you had – a little sugar never hurt anybody. Grab two spoons – but only if you feel inclined to do so – and feel free to share with a friend. 

We hope these tips on how to love yourself on Valentine’s Day if you just got dumped remind you of just how valued you are. Don’t forget to share – and let us know your thoughts – in the comments below! 

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