How to Look (and Feel) Good While Traveling

Looking good, or at least decent, while traveling is difficult to master. Although I’m probably not an expert at it, here are a few tips I follow that help me stay put together, and not completely worn out, while I travel. Hopefully they work for you too!

1. Keep skin looking fresh with moisturizer.

We all want to look cute while traveling, whether it be on a plane, car or train. The first thing you must do to look fresh and clean is moisturize your skin. In order to look good at any point in life, you have to feed your skin what it needs! Invest in moisturizers that have Vitamin E in its formula and are oil free; oil can build up on your skin as you travel. If your skin is really dry, you can try a serum with a rich moisturizer to prevent damage and dehydration. And of course, don’t forget to transfer some of your moisturizer into a travel sized container that you can easily buy at Walmart or Target (particularly for those traveling on planes).

2. Prevent chapped lips with tinted lip balm.

You can’t look cute if you have dry, flaky lips – so just like your skin, you must moisturize your lips! Instead of getting any basic lip balm, opt for a tinted variety to add a little “pop.” I recommend the Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy – it’s known for its moisturizing miracles and will definitely amp up your lip game as you travel.

3. Beat static with dryer sheets.

One of the most annoying things that happens to me while travelling is the war I have with my static hair. I actually got this tip from my sister: keep a pack of dryer sheets (or just a couple) in your purse. Why dryer sheets? Well, we use dry sheets to prevent static when we put clothes in the dryer, right? Using dryer sheets for your hair will do just that – eliminate the static from your hair.

4. Avoid oily hair with travel-sized dry shampoo.

For some reason, I have hair that gets oily just 24 hours after my last shower. But when I travel, that time span is even SHORTER! Fortunately, someone, somewhere invented dry shampoo. Every once in a while, spritz some of this product onto your roots. By applying the dry shampoo before your hair has reached oiliness – you will be able to prevent it looking greasy all together. It’s super easy to apply and totally worth it to stay fresh and cute while traveling.

5. Bring panty liners…yes, panty liners.

This may sound odd, but panty liners are great for traveling. You are not taking a shower for… who knows how long? So what does that mean? That means Lady V down there is not getting clean either! Alleviate this problem with panty liners. They absorb all the sweat that Lady V is going through, especially when you are walking through the airport, train station, or wherever you are going. Plus, once you get to your destination (or right before), you can change out your panty liner to prevent any lingering smell.


6. Sweats can actually look cute.

You may think that sweatpants and a hoodie are only meant for “lazy days,” but if you choose the right pieces, you can still look stinkin’ cute. I personally enjoy wearing simple black leggings, a baggy tee, a sweater, and my comfy and trusted flats from Keds. You may think a baggy tee and a sweater are not the cutest items, but guess what? You are not looking hard enough for the right ones!

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7. But you don’t have to wear sweats to be comfortable.

You can also try a cute maxi skirt, or dress with a chambray button if you want to go for a more stylish vibe while traveling. Any long skirt or dress gives you room to breathe, and almost acts as a blanket – keeping you warm during your travels. Don’t forget to bring layers in case you get cold. Scarves are great for added warmth and can double as a pillow if you crumple them up! For shoes stick to flats, ankle boots or sneakers. You want to look fashionable, but not overdressed!

8. Wear minimal makeup.

For makeup, do not go too crazy. Stick to the basics. BB cream is probably the best thing to use for your face while traveling. It’s perfect for covering those pesky bags under your eyes. I only apply the cream under my eyes, as opposed to my whole face, to reduce oil build up on my skin. For eyebrows, fill them in with a liquid formula so that they last the whole trip, or a wax formula so that they stay in place. For your eyes, use a pearly eyeshadow on top of eyeshadow primer (to prevent creasing), black mascara, and white eyeliner. The lighter shades of shadow and liner will give life back to your tired eyes. For lips, go back to tip #2.

9. Eat healthy snacks.

Try to stay away from eating salty snacks like peanuts or pretzels. Eating raw fruits and vegetables while you travel will keep you hydrated and prevent puffiness and bloating. You will also get a boost of antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients.

Hopefully these tips will help you look cute while traveling on your next trip. And don’t forget… moisturizer is essential!

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