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How To Let Someone Down Easy And Still Be On Good Terms

How To Let Someone Down Easy And Still Be On Good Terms

How to let someone down easy isnt always so simple. These tips on breaking up should help you and your partner remain civil.

When you’re not feeling a relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like the person. Maybe they’re your perfect kind of person but there just isn’t the spark. It is possible to still be on good terms after a relationship ends. Here is how to let someone down easy.

It might feel easier to lie to them.

You might want to spare their feelings. However, sparing their feelings now means you are starting a friendship with them that is dishonest. If you want to lie your way out of the relationship, then unfortunately you won’t be able to have a real friendship with them.

How To Let Someone Down Easy And Still Be On Good Terms

Being Face to Face

A way on how to let someone down easy, you want to do it in person. Although social media and text might seem like an easy way to break up a relationship. It’s disrespectful and will likely not help you be on good terms with your ex. If you want to have any type of relationship after a break up then you need be respectful to your ex-partner during, during, and after the break up. Having a respectful, talkative, mature break up will help you to maintain a relationship afterwards. If you are letting someone down, then you need to realise that the other person might be time. It isn’t always easy to go from seeing someone in that way, to being asked to see them as just a friend. This person might not want to ‘just be your friend’. The relationship has to work for both of you, if it doesn’t and one of you is still invested then it isn’t going to work.

Becoming Friends

Of course, going from a romantic relationship to a platonic one means you and your ex-partner will both have to accept and overcome jealousy. You will see each other dating other people and you need to be okay with it. To be on good terms with this person, you need to be honest and will have to tell them if you’re unsure if you can be friends. Being on good terms doesn’t have to necessarily mean being their best friend, just polite and friendly. If it is too hard, then maybe it would be better for you to not hang around with them for a while. Changing the boundaries of any relationship doesn’t happen overnight and it will take time for both you and your ex-partner to become accustomed to the new relationship status. When a relationship breaks up, usually the partners want some space and time to think about themselves before they can move on. This is the same with making friends with your ex. You will both need time to revaluate the situation and relationship.

How To Let Someone Down Easy And Still Be On Good Terms

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Friendzone Before It Gets More Serious

If you are still in the early stages of a relationship, you can always try to treat them as a friend rather than a romantic interest. Whilst they might have romantic feelings for you, you don’t have to reciprocate and can just tell them how much you enjoy their company – as a friend.

How To Get It Done

For you, as the breaker, you will need to think about an appropriate time and place on how to let someone down easy. For example, by taking them out for dinner you are showing them that you still care. By turning up at their house randomly, shows you don’t. It helps if you already know them a bit, this way you will know what kind of words to use, how to cheer them up once you’ve broken up with them, and how best to talk to them. You do need to read the situation and be aware of how they are responding. Perhaps if they are upset, it isn’t the correct time to broch being friends.

If you have anymore ideas of how to let someone down easy and still be on good terms, then let us know in the comments below!

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