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How To Learn How To Be Single And Love It

How To Learn How To Be Single And Love It

Being single can honestly be more fun than being in a relationship. You can find companionship in family and friends, but being single means you aren’t accountable to anyone but yourself. Honestly, there are very few times in life this will hold true.

Be Selfish

If you’re staying late at work or binge-watching a Netflix series, you don’t have to feel guilty for not including another person. As women, the idea of being selfish can be foreign. Society constantly tells us we are caregivers and nurtures; so why not give some of that back to yourself.

Eat the leftovers in the fridge without any regard with who else might want some. Being selfish with your time and energy while you are single does not make you a bad person. Own that! You are in charge of you and you alone. Let that sink in.


You don’t owe an explanation for your whereabouts, your choices, or your time to any other person. The feeling freeing can be scary and overwhelming, but lean into it and appreciate the gift you’ve been given.

How To Learn How To Be Single And Love It

Take A Solo Trip

Step out of your comfort zone and discover you’re new favorite travel buddy might just be yourself. Taking a trip while you’re alone and single can really put your independence and self-discovery to the test. If there’s one place you’ve always wanted to cross off your bucket list, do it now.


Think of Eat, Pray, Love, and find your own self-expression trip. Even if it’s an overnight stay in a few towns over, challenge yourself to the journey. Traveling alone means eating alone, sitting alone, and taking your own pictures. All these things society tells us to feel bad about really push you to grow.

Don’t run away from that experience. As much fun as it is to travel with another person, you must consider their wants, desires, and needs. Solo traveling eliminates these distractions and gives you ample time to focus on what exactly you want to see, do, and experience.

How To Learn How To Be Single And Love It


Try A New Class

Expand your mind and your network by taking a class, either virtual or in person, to develop new skills. Being single allows you to grow without restraint into the exact person you want to be. The class doesn’t need to be ‘practical’ like business or accounting unless that’s the skill you want to develop. What we are saying is you can take the pressure off yourself and grow in less demanding ways like taking a pottery class, learning to write poetry, or even take an archery class.

Whatever excites you in the world, move towards it. Learn as much as you can about the world for as long as you can. It won’t only help you it will help society. Being single doesn’t mean sitting around alone waiting for a magical person to appear and make your life exciting, you do that for yourself.

Splurge On Your Own Presents

Yes, it’s nice when other people buy us nice gifts, or “this made me think of you” presents, but you are just as capable of doing that for yourself. Buying a present for yourself doesn’t make them any less meaningful. Being single means you save a lot of money so you should spend that on yourself. Go out to a nice dinner just for you, buy the expensive dress you’ve been eyeing online, takes yourself to a spa retreat, go to the major sporting event you want to see in person. Don’t limit yourself or think you’re being greedy.


You’re single. You’re free to do what you want with both your money and yourself.

In the same way that you would buy a present for your spouse to show them, you love them you can do that for yourself. You’d be amazed by the effect of thinking lovingly of yourself has on your mental state and look on life.

In the same sense that you treat others the way you want to be treated, treat yourself the way you expect others to treat you.


Sit In The Quiet And Get To Know Yourself

Take a moment to look at exactly what you are doing and how you are living. Are you really enjoying it or have you just kept the traits you’ve picked up over the years or from past relationships? Now is your time to sit with your habits and evaluate if you truly like what you are doing.

Challenge yourself to change your routine for at least three weeks. Cook new dinners, go to different restaurants, buy a different style of clothing, rearrange your bedroom. Being single allows you the freedom of expression and exploration without the questions of a spouse. The only person there to start a fight with you over your new habits is yourself.

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How To Learn How To Be Single And Love It

It’s easy to get wrapped up in a relationship and lose sight of ourselves for a little. That’s okay. But, being single gives you the time and space to reintroduce yourself to yourself. Take the growth of your last relationship and continue to nurture it on your own path.

Get Clear About What You Want

In a time of being single, you might be spending a lot of alone time with yourself. Use that to your advantage and get crystal clear about the path you want to take in life and what you want. Are you happy in your current job? Could you be working harder? Do you want to change?


Are you happy in your habits and routines? Reflect on all of that. It’s hard to focus on yourself when you aren’t single because being selfish in a relationship leads to turmoil. Once you feel comfortable and motivated with all your plans in life, you won’t settle for anything less in a partner. Honestly, being single can lead to deeper and more meaningful relationships because you’ve had the time to focus on yourself and create a stronger partner in yourself.

Date Around Because You Want To Not Because You Need To

The greatest part of being single? You get to date around and really solidify what you want or need out of a partner. But the pressure of dating shouldn’t come from the idea that you need a partner, try approaching it with an open mind, and don’t imagine every date leads to a long term relationship.

Truly dating can be fun when you relieve yourself of the idea of the end game being a long term serious relationship. If you’re comfortable with it, then allow yourself to see multiple people at once. There’s nothing wrong with having them help your figure out what you want in the future.


Having a companion to do activities with, talk to, and just spend time with and not have looming pressure can make it that much more enjoyable. As a single individual, take the pressure off yourself to find a partner. Just live in the time of your life that allows you to explore all the possibilities the world has to offer you.

What is your favorite part of being single? Tell us in the comments below!

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