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How To Know Whether He’s Truly THE ONE

How To Know Whether He’s Truly THE ONE

We’ve all met someone that we really liked and couldn’t get off our mind. Someone you could picture a life with. Yet how do you know when you have met the one that you are going to be with for the rest of your life? Is there fireworks or neon signs declaring it? Or is it something smaller? Is it subtler like butterflies in your stomach?  People say when ‘you meet THE ONE you’ll just know’ but I, like so many other wonder how will we know? Below is a list of signs that you have met the one.


If you have truly met THE ONE, then you will grow into the person that you were supposed to be. Now this is not to be confused with someone trying to change you, as that’s possessive. Yet, if you have met someone who awakens parts of your personality you didn’t know existed; he’s special. You will begin to feel more at ease with yourself. You won’t question his feelings or your own. Personal growth is important and is achieved with support. If you have met THE ONE, then he will encourage you to follow your ambitions. He will want to see you to do well and vice versa.

How To Know Whether He's Truly The One



We’ve all heard it before, respect is a two- way street, but if one of you are constantly checking up on the other then you could be heading down a frightening road. If you have met THE ONE, then he will respect your other interests. He will not force you to spend every spare minute with him, instead he will allow you to have time with others. He understands that you need to have girl time at some point. He knows that by allowing this to happen, it will make you love him more. It is also a sign of someone who is secure and mature.

How to Know Whether He's Truly The One


In previous teenage dalliances you probably craved drama. Your probably tried to create it by playing games with one another. You thought that’s what a passionate relationship looked like. However, you will feel entirely secure if you have met THE ONE. You won’t worry where he is at night or who he is texting. People think that passion is the be all and end all but trust me you’ll feel totally in love with your consistent man.


How to know Whether You have Truly Met the one


Your man should be an addition to your life. Most people forget this. If you have met THE ONE, he will seamlessly fit into your life. People try to ignore their friend’s opinions when they first meet someone; this is wrong. These are the people who know you best, so trust their opinion. When you have met THE ONE, your family and friends will be falling over themselves to include them. Even if you’re not available, if your friends are inviting him, he’s a keeper.

How to Know Whether You have Truly Met THE ONE

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If he is truly THE ONE, then he will be your best friend. You can talk for hours about silly things or have deep conversations. You go to him with every problem or victory you have and he supports you. He has to be someone who you can have a great time with. Who you can travel with. He’s the person who knows you the best, he may even know you better than you know yourself. Instead of a man who tuts when your being annoying, he accepts all of you, including your flaws.

How To Know Whether You Have Truly Met THE ONE



Have you ever heard the expression, ‘he could laugh you into bed?’ Then that’s the man you need. If he can’t make you laugh, then you probably aren’t compatible. If you have met THE ONE, you won’t be able to catch your breath in-between jokes. A relationship should be fun therefore if you can’t laugh together then its probably for the best to wait for someone who can.

How to Know Whether You Have Met THE ONE

It’s difficult to find THE ONE but when you do you’ll know. Hopefully he’ll possess all of these qualities.

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