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How to Know if you Like a Guy

How to Know if you Like a Guy

How are you supposed to know whether you like a guy, just want to hook up, or even just like the idea of having someone? It can be hard to be sure what’s real and what isn’t, especially in college. This ultimately comes down to personal judgment. It can be after a 1 or 2 dates, when the relationship is new, or if you’re still trying to figure out your feelings a couple months in. I decided to take my own personal experience and offer what I have learned, which will hopefully pass some wisdom on to you guys! Here is how to know if you like a guy.


1. You actually look forward to talking to this person.


Getting excited after hearing from that person and not wanting the conversation to end is a major sign that you like them. Whether it’s texting, or a quick phone call, you can’t help but smile, even a little bit when their name lights up your phone. Just ignoring the text or dreading talking to them is a fairly bad sign.


2. You think about a future with them.


You’re obviously not going to think about having a future with someone that you don’t truly like and are just interested in having a fling with. So, it definitely shows you that your feelings are real when you think about this excessively, or even just every now and then. You think about things you’ll want to do with them in the summer, what’s going to happen when your schedules change, and whether or not you’ll actually go to that restaurant you two have been talking about. Maybe you already have your kids names picked out, and what color your house will be. That’s probably a sure sign that you like them.


3. You feel a certain way when you’re with them.


Everyone acts and just carries themselves differently when they like or care about someone. You might feel super confident when you’re with them because they just make you feel so comfortable, and you love that about them. Or, you can be super shy around them because you’re afraid of saying or doing something that makes you less appealing. You get butterflies in your stomach when you see their face, when you think about seeing their face, or when someone even says there name. You miss them when you’re not around them. You’re basically like a giddy teenager.

I can't stop thinking about him

4. You’re in a generally better mood.

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I know this is true for me personally. Whenever I like someone, I am just a happier person. I look forward to the days instead of dreading them. As corny and cliché as it is, you really have more to look forward to when you like someone and look forward to what the day might hold with them. You smile and laugh more, and you don’t get mad at things that used to make you tick… well, as much.



5. You wish there were more hours in the day so you could be with them longer.

Again, this may not apply for everyone. But I find myself wanting more time, even when I’m with the person I like all day long. Sometimes the whole day just isn’t enough. I personally enjoy time for myself, but I also thoroughly enjoy being with the person I like and sacrificing my personal time just to be with them. Time really does go by so fast, and you just wish it would slow down and you could have those moments forever.



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