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How To Keep Your Social Life Active When Everyone Is At Home

How To Keep Your Social Life Active When Everyone Is At Home

How To Keep Your Social Life Active When Everyone Is At Home

Maintaining a social life is critical for the human mind to thrive. Whether it be in academics, art, craft, intelligence, or skill. According to a New York Times writer, Jane E. Brody, she does not need scientific evidence to prove that maintaining some form of social interactions and connections with others, gives a sense of meaning and purpose. She already knows it does. Going through life alone can cause one to have anxiety, depression, stress, along with many other physical ailments and pain. To list a few, heart disease, high blood pressure, increased blood clotting, dementia, and Type 2 diabetes. Again, that is only a few of the many. With everything that is going on in the world, right now, (Coronavirus, isolation, and shelter-in-place), it is vital to keep your social life active. It will be difficult, especially in the states that are mandating a shelter-in-place or total isolation. However, it is still possible, especially with the technology we have nowadays. Here are some ideas on how to keep your social life active when everyone is home, including yourself.    

1. Video Chat

One of the easiest ways to keep your social life active is to video chat. Whether you use Facebook’s Messenger, FaceTime, Skype, Snapchat, Marco Polo, or WhatsApp. In today’s society, it is almost impossible for someone to say that they have no way to contact their friends or talk to them face-to-face. The same thing can be said about contacting your family and interacting with them. You can still talk to Grandma, face-to-face. You just have to make sure she knows how to do it.

How To Keep Your Social Life Active When Everyone Is Home

2. HouseParty

Since everyone is being quarantined and self-isolating themselves, it is difficult for anyone to host a get-together. A game night, movie night, even a couples night. With everyone across the nation suffering from boredom and antisocial-ness chat apps and social media are booming with people trying to catch up with family and friends. However, one app, in particular, is skyrocketing and transforming this isolating moment into a constant game night for everyone. According to a writer, Sophia Prideaux, HouseParty is a video app that allows you to play virtual games with your friends. Once you have finished downloading the app and creating an account on it, you can connect with your friends and have your very own game night! It is just like any game night, except you are all practicing your social distancing.

3. Calling Friends

A more obvious way to keep your social life active and staying in contact with your friends is to call them. In today’s time, it is less common for people to pick up their phones and actually talk to people instead of reading their words on a screen. When they do call, it creates a certain awkward environment or vibe between the two. Not all the time but sometimes. Honestly, it is sad. Now that the time has come to where it is difficult to meet up and hang out because you cannot or it is highly recommended you don’t, calling each other on the phone is not a bad idea. Even though you and your friends may not be able to see each other you guys can always talk to each other. They may not be able to be with you, physically, but you can still hear their voice.

How To Keep Your Social Life Active When Everyone Is Home


4. Challenge Your Friends

It may get boring, just video chatting with your friends. Odds are that it will at some point, given that you guys may not have a lot to talk about other than each of you being bored and waiting for this whole thing to be over with. One way you can spice up your video chats and make them interesting is to challenge your friends. What I mean is make every day a challenge for your friend. It could be anything. You can challenge them on their cooking skills and see which of the two makes the best-looking double chocolate lave cake or berry waffles. Do a step challenge and see who has the most steps by the end of the day. Conduct a trivia day and see who knows the most about a television show or a character on the show. You may need a third party for that one though.

5. Video Games

This is what gamers have been training for their whole life. It is this moment that those who play video games laugh at us, or more so the people who told them that they would never have a social life if they kept playing their games. Yeah. I already know and see who is laughing now. Seriously though, hop in your chair, turn your console on, connect your controller, put on your headphones, pick a game, and game away with your friends, online. Log onto Fortnite and fight your way to be the only survivor in Zone Wars. Dominate other teams and players on Call of Duty’s multiplayer mode. Better yet, gather players and build your team on Madden 20. Once your team is complete, go against other teams. This is probably the one time, in society, where everyone will agree that playing video games is a form of having a social life.

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How To Keep Your Social Life Active When Everyone Is Home

6. Have Conversations Using Only Bitmojis

This is a challenge in itself, but no doubt is entertaining to watch and be a part of. Nowadays, almost everyone has heard of Bitmojis or made one. Bitmoji is a social app where people can create cartoon versions of themselves. Using and downloading the app, you can communicate with anyone, via text, and use your Bitmoji to express what you want it to. Whether you are laughing about something, wishing your friend a good day at work, or just simply talking to each other. Think of it as the human animation of emojis. Now, imagine having conversations with your friends using only Bitmoji. Yeah. See the fun in that. Who knows where your conversations could go, doing that.

How To Keep Your Social Life Active When Everyone Is Home

What do you and your friends do to keep each other active? Next time you talk to your friends, are you going to try any of these out with them? Let us know in the comments below.

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