How To Keep Your Skin Looking Moisturized This Summer

Are you interested in keeping your skin moisturized this summer but aren’t sure how? We know it can be difficult keeping your skin bright and healthy when the sun and heat can dry out easily. That’s why we’ve done our research on how to keep that glow going all day long. Here’s how you can keep your skin looking moisturized this summer!

1. Drink Fluids

A fool proof way to keep your skin looking moisturized is to drink fluids. By putting liquids in your body, you are hydrating and providing it with the water necessary to keep your skin supple. If you don’t provide your body with the necessary liquids it needs then the skin will look dull, dried out and lifeless. Try drinking at least four glasses of water a day spread out throughout the day. Drink one in the morning right when you wake up to get your digestive system going, and one at night before you go to bed.

2. Cleanse And Exfoliate

Clean your skin well and exfoliate it to keep your skin looking moisturized. Invest in some good cleansers so that dirt won’t clog your pores and will leave your skin feeling refreshed. You can get cleansers that are water based and oil based so that you can get a thorough cleanse of your skin. After you cleanse, you can exfoliate the skin to scrape away any dead skin cells to reveal the fresh skin layer underneath that is bright and soft.

3. Use A Good Toner

Another way to keep your skin looking moisturized for this summer is to use a good toner. After you cleanse your skin it can still dry out, so using a good toner will lock the moisture into your skin and keep it looking hydrated. Rosewater and witch hazel toner are great options, but there are others out there as well.

4. Moisturize

You can also keep your skin looking moisturized by using creams and sunscreen. Creams are an added layer onto your skin that will moisturize it and guard it from dryness, which is essential to keeping your skin supple for hours. Most creams also come with sunscreen which will protect you from harmful UV rays that can damage and discolor the skin.

5. Apply Beauty Oils

Beauty oils are great for keeping your skin looking moisturized for this summer. Oils are naturally packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins that will feed the skin and brighten it up. There are beauty oils for every skin type, and so choosing one may take some time depending on what works best for you. Apply your beauty oil after your moisturize because after you apply the oil a layer will form on your skin to keep any moisture underneath it.

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6. Use Face Masks

Face masks are a quick and easy way to keep your skin looking moisturized. You can create your own face masks from scratch at home with popular recipes such as oatmeal with honey or shea butter with coconut oil. You can also buy pre-made face masks from Neutrogena or from The Face Shop.

7. Minimal Makeup

Lastly, try not to wear too much makeup so you can keep your skin looking moisturized. Wearing copious amount of product on your face can prevent your skin from breathing, which can then dull it out. Constantly removing layers of product can put a strain on your skin and dry it out with excessive cleaning as well. Limit your makeup application to a couple times a week so that your skin can rest and recover in between. Your skin will thank you with a healthy glow.

Did you enjoy these ways on keeping your skin looking moisturized and healthy? What kind of skincare advice would you give? Comment down below your thoughts!

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