How To Keep Your Relationship With Your Roommate Strong

One of the most challenging aspects of college is dorm life. Not only do you have to downsize your wardrobe and living space, but you likely have to share that living space with a complete stranger. Sometimes you get lucky and your roommate becomes your best friend, but other times, living with a roommate is a struggle. Here are a few ways to keep your relationship with your roommate strong!

1. Be Honest

The number one problem between roommates is the lack of honesty. Keeping secrets from your roommate, pretending to be someone you’re not, or not telling your roommate when something bothers you can significantly damage your relationship with them. It’s important to remember that although it may be hard to speak up, it’s seriously important to stick up for yourself and take care of your own needs. If both you and your roommate practice honesty with one another, then your relationship will remain strong!

How To Keep Your Relationship With Your Roommate Strong

2. Establish Basic Rules At The Beginning

When you begin a new roommate relationship, it is important to get to know your roommate in a variety of ways. Learn about their favorite hobbies and what they like to do, but also ask them about the conditions they like to live in and how they take care of their living space. Are they messy or organized? Do they need complete silence when they study or are they ok with a little noise? Does it drive them crazy when you don’t make your bed in the morning? Although these may seem unimportant it’s important to respect your roommate and their needs!

How To Keep Your Relationship With Your Roommate Strong

3. Give Them Their Space

Spending every moment with one person can be exhausting, so it’s important to give your roommate space and ask for space too. Everyone needs alone time now and then, so make sure that you both work it into your schedule. If you start to realize that there is a build-up of tension between you two, talk it out and make sure that you both have time to cool down. Sometimes time apart makes time together a lot better!

How To Keep Your Relationship With Your Roommate Strong

4. Try To Build A Friendship

A lot of roommate relationships do not develop into anything more, and this can be a reason for roommate tension. When you first meet your roommate, try to establish a friendship with them. Not only will you both have more fun if you are friends, but developing a friendship will also help you develop loyalty and trust in one another. This will help keep your relationship strong and make it easier to talk to one another!

How To Keep Your Relationship With Your Roommate Strong

5. Be Respectful

It takes two to tango. Although it may feel like you are innocent of any wrongdoing at times, there is always something that you can improve on. Be as respectful and courteous to your roommate as possible. Clean up after yourself. Make your bed in the morning, throw away your food, put your clothes away, and try to stay as neat and organized as possible. If you respect your roommates’ living space, it will likely make your roommate want to respect your living space, too!

How To Keep Your Relationship With Your Roommate Strong

6. Talk!

There is nothing worse than living in constant awkward silence. If you feel there is tension between you and your roommate, or if you simply need to get something off your chest, using your voice is the best way to solve these problems. If your roommate respects you, they will appreciate your honesty. It will strengthen your relationship and make life easier for both of you!

How To Keep Your Relationship With Your Roommate Strong

What are some tips you have for keeping roommate relationships strong? Comment down below!

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