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How To Keep Your Relationship From Losing That Spark

How To Keep Your Relationship From Losing That Spark

How To Keep Your Relationship From Losing That Spark

Do you feel like your relationship isn’t what it used to be? Do you miss the laughs and the moments you shared with your partner? Maybe you’ve changed or they’ve changed. Down below is a list of ways to help bring back that spark to your relationship.

1. Identify the problem

This can be impossible. I realize this because all you may want is for your relationship to thrive and go back to how it was. Although this isn’t always the case. What you need to know if you can improve the issues, you make your relationship almost as good as it was or better. The key is communication. If you feel something is wrong ask, “Are you unhappy?” Hopefully, this won’t lead to break up, and if it does, your partner had that as a thought, and obviously isn’t worth your time anymore. But if your partner does still care for you, but does realize there’s something missing as well you both can work together on a solution. Cause in a relationship there’s no I, there’s only us.


2. Get to know your partner

Believe it or not, but you could’ve gone years in a relationship never fully knowing your partner. You maybe think you knew them when you barely cracked through the surface. Every individual is complex with layers of truths, and that’s what makes relationships such a beautiful thing, the fact that you can crack through these layers, and learn about your significant other. The more you learn the more you can understand what your partner may be going through causing this loss in the relationship, or what you’re doing that’s causing them to grow distant.

3. Take a trip

A lot of couples don’t realize this. But a little vacation where you both can be trapped in a hotel room together, or even a cabin, can give you some one on one time with each other. It helps you focus on each other and have fun together. It might even bring back that spark you lost, even if just for the week.


4. Have fun in the bedroom!!

This may not sound like much of a step in gaining that spark back but it is. A lot of the time relationships lose that spark is due to the fact that there not looking forward to bedroom activity anymore. So go have fun in the bedroom. I mean it, plan a night if you have to find out what your partner wants. Sometimes you can be getting used to the same old routine that happens every time you’re in the bedroom, so experiment, make the bedroom exciting again.

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5. Just Have Fun Together!

Another big issue couples have is they forget how to have fun together. Seriously! All they do is fight, or they can’ relax together anymore. They plan activities to do, such as friendly hangouts, but they just can’t have fun anymore. You need to be able to cut loose with your partner, these are the moments that you look back on, on how much fun you could have together.


6. There’s no saving it

Sometimes but not all the time we must accept, that there’s no saving it. There are relationships that lose there spark and can’t get it back because there’s just no saving it. If after all these tips, you realize you can’t gain what you use to have, it means you might never be happy together again. It is a sad thought, so I wouldn’t just cut ties so quickly, sometimes a break could be a good decision, and you see if after you explore and find yourself that you may find you’re way back to each other.

Well, there you go! Relationships are a ride, and they can have ups and downs. Not all relationships can gain back their spark but many can, and your relationship can become better than it ever was. Cause when there’s rain, a rainbow comes through in the end.

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