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How to Keep your Body in Check, Gay edition

How to Keep your Body in Check, Gay edition

Every Gay (for the most part) wants to stay healthy and in shape, because if you look good then you will feel good. Here are a few ways to Keep your Body in Check, Gay edition.  (Everyone has their own way of Men’s Grooming and this is mine)

Eating the Right Food

Men’s Grooming also includes Eating the right food is very important when trying to maintain your health, eating foods like French fries, burgers, hotdogs, and pizza is not good to have every single day. Eating those foods every once in a while is alright but not every day. Instead try implementing meals such as Rice and chicken with vegetables, my personal favorite is something that my mom makes which is Lemon Chicken with rice and burnt broccoli, a must-try! Not overeating is something that I have struggled with myself and keeping your portion sizes smaller and more frequent has helped me out a lot. Making sure that you eat the right foods allows you to avoid diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes which are all related to not having the correct diet.

Healthy Food

Exercising at least Once a Day

Going along with eating the right foods, exercising at least Once a Day is very important to keeping your body in check and in shape, moving for at least an hour a day is key to maintaining a healthy diet. It could even just be a walk in the park with your dog or running up and down the stairs a bunch of times. Personally, I suggest incorporating Pilates or using a Peloton or Cycling class to keep the fat burning longer. If you are looking to burn a lot of fat and calories, I would suggest going to Orange Theory, I say this because the exercises that they provide are going to increase the calories burned and keep you burning even after you are completed with the workout. When you work out at least once a day you are increasing the brain’s ability to want to do more and strengthen your bones and muscles so you can perform better.


Taking Care of your Skin

Men’s Grooming is something that is very much overlooked and with the right combination will have your skin glowing. I start with my cleanser, the cleanser that I use is La Roche Posay Toleriane Hydrating Cleanser, which is packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide which keeps my skin extra hydrated and clear. Next, I use the CosRX Toner which gives my skin that refreshed look. I then go in with the Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask to help my dark circles and refresh my eyes to provide them with a nice natural look. After that I go in with the La Mer Regenerating Serum this is my all-time favorite for when you want to get rid of pores and keep your skin looking clean and wrinkleless. To finish off my Men’s Grooming routine I use the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Moisturizing Cream to lock in all of the essentials that I just used.

Skincare essentials

Maintaining a Healthy Mind

When you hear Men’s Grooming you don’t necessarily associate it with surrounding yourself with Good People, but it is essential to staying in a healthy mind space. Back when I was in High School, I learned that the three things to look out for to maintain a healthy mind space is being aware of your surroundings, this is so crucial because then you know when something is wrong or out of the ordinary. Next is being able to establish connections with people, connecting with people or your friends is very important to mental health it allows you to be able to vent about your feeling and feel a sense of belonging. Feeling like you have a purpose is the next crucial element to maintaining a healthy mind because if you do not understand your purpose in this world, you could lose your sense of self which can lead to bad thoughts and feelings.

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Healthy Mindset

Have Someone to Talk Too

Being able to Vent about your feelings to someone is something that everyone needs to have access to when you are able to speak your truth and allow yourself to confide in someone you are going to start feeling better and you yourself will become more interested in building connections with other people because you will learn how to trust people more and this will improve you’re all over mood. When you are able to conversate with someone and understand their perspective and advice you are better equated to handle a situation when something is not going accordingly. When we have someone to talk to we are learning how to motivate change or be the change in the relationship or friendship this is something that can work both positively and negatively.


Limit Drug and Alcohol Usage

Men’s Grooming also includes Limiting your Drug and Alcohol use is vital to maintain a healthy body and mind, because if you abuse just one of them the consequences are harsh and could even relate to your own demise. When you are working out your body you lower the chance of getting certain diseases that are commonly caught by being out of shape or with the abuse of substances or alcohol. People trying to get off of a substance or alcohol can really benefit from exercising because it can be used as an intervention tool and something that your mind can use to distract itself and feel the power of pushing your body in a healthy and positive way. When you are exercising you reduce the blood flow into the liver and you are going to increase your circulation flow throughout the body which allows your mind to think clearer and process information faster.


Men’s Grooming is more than just making sure that you look good without a shirt on, being able to establish connections, maintaining a healthy mind, taking care of your skin, and eating the right foods are all ways that we can allow ourselves to stay in shape and keep our thoughts sharp and in check.