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How To Keep Things Fun In Your Long-term Relationship

How To Keep Things Fun In Your Long-term Relationship

Long-term relationship are very fun, but can also be perceived as very daunting. Many feel pressured to be successful, and come up with new things in their relationship, to prevent boredom. This article presents a lot of new ideas and topics to try to keep your relationship fun. These topics should also be acted out by both parties of the relationship for the relationship to be healthy and fully functioning. 

1) Don’t stop dating each other

The key to keeping any relationship alive is to never stop dating your partner. You guys should always try to woo each other every once in a while. This could be spontaneous dates, random gift-giving, or even trying something new in the bedroom. If being spontaneous scares you, do not fret. There are multiple ways you can add some spontaneity to your life. All you have to do is have a break in your routine. Make it your mission to go on dates often. If you and your partner never go out, try having date nights once every month and then increase the number until it is at a rate where it is comfortable for you both and also doable.

2) Know their love language

There are 5 different love languages. Knowing these and understanding which your partner has can be helpful. You both can learn about what the other expects from the other. It is sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly what you want in a relationship and knowing your love language can help you interpret that to your partner. The languages are words of affirmation, quality time, physical affection, gift-receiving, and acts of service. To find yours, you can simply Google the quiz, and you will get all the information that you need. After you receive your results, the website also goes into explaining your love language and the other ones as well. You then will know what actions you need to take for your partner to be loved and to feel happy. 


3) Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Give each other a healthy amount of distance. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Being around each other all the time can cause a strain on your relationship. Some distance between you and your partner is very healthy. Although you and your partner may care about each other very much, you both need to have your own lives separate from the other. A lot of couples that work together have difficulty with this because they are around each other every day. The best thing you can do is just go out with your friends and family to spend time with them with just you. Giving yourself some room to miss each other can really bring you guys closer, and keep things fun and amusing for both of you. 

4) Reminiscence

Take a walk down memory lane together. Maybe even revisit your first date together. Resorting back to the old days can bring back those butterflies that you use to feel. I t is also reminding you and your partner of all the things that you went through and overcame as a couple. As a result, this can strengthen your relationship as a couple.

How to Keep Things Fun in Your Long-term Relationship?


5) Share a hobby together

Have any hobbies you’ve always wanted to try? Trying out new hobbies with your partner can be very enjoyable. Something new can easily bring some excitement back into your relationship. The main objective is to try something new and exciting with your partner. You could go to a cooking class together, a wine tasting, gardening, or even join a club together.

How to Keep Things Fun in Your Long-term Relationship?

6) Be friends! 

Sometimes getting back to basics and knowing your partner at the most basic level can be very good for your relationship. You might get to learn something new about your partner and get to explore them in a new way. Working on you and your partner being best friends is the easiest and simplest way to keep things fun and enjoyable between you and your partner. 


7) Care for yourself 

Being in a partnership is important, but it can sometimes leave you making yourself less of a priority. When you feel like you look your best, you are more likely to achieve great things. Self-care can ultimately lead to you improving at school, work, and other aspects of your life. This will keep you attractive in your partner’s eyes because you are still taking time out of your appearance and making yourself feel and look great.

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8) Go on a staycation/ vacation together

Exploring new things with your partner is the easiest way to bring some excitement back into your relationship. If you do not have money to take a vacation, you can always plan a staycation within your state. You guys can add fun ideas to your trip itinerary. To cut down on costs, you guys can always book an Air BnB near all the stuff you plan on doing.


9) Do couple group activities 

Couple group activities are also a great way to meet couples. This is also a way to meet up with other couples that you and your partner can go on double dates with. Having other couple friends can really help give you guys an idea of dates and other stuff that you guys can do together. 

10) Talk about your needs and wants 

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. This goes for talking about sex and other emotional needs and wants that you may have. Knowing and working towards fulfilling your partner’s needs and wants is great to keep things interesting in your relationship. It also shows your partner that you are putting in work and effort into your relationship still. This should even inspire your partner to do their best and work hard to do the same for you.  

How to Keep Things Fun in Your Long-term Relationship?


Are you willing to try any of these tips out with your partner? Any you think of anything to keep things fun within your relationship? 

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