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How To Keep The Romance Alive After College

How To Keep The Romance Alive After College

You may find that relationships change after college. Most don’t think much about what’s going to happen after but once the after happens, it’s hard to keep the spark that was lit in college. 

1. Set Date Nights

College was a great time where you could spend most of your time together! After graduation and starting your full time jobs, finding time to talk and not just about your day  can be a hard routine to fall into. Setting a night with no distractions and getting that spark you had in college. Even if the date night it just dinner, getting out of the house can help new conversations come about by just being in a new environment!

Although doing out is a great thing to do, you shouldn’t go to the same place more than twice in a row. This can cause dread to go out for date nights because there might not be new experiences at the one place after a couple times of going. During college you were most likely happy with that one spot that you guys went to, but now after college it can get a little boring keeping with the same pace you did in college!

How To Keep The Romance Alive After College

2. Text Cute Messages

Be cute! Since you might not see each other very often that isn’t in bed, so sending text to them will make them smile and be more app to be happy to see you once you guys come home. You want to remind them that you are thinking about them when they are not around. You want them to feel important and acknowledged  by you. You should be the one who makes their day!

They’ll feel important to their number one person in their life. By sending cute texts, you’re saying “I miss you and want you to I’m thinking about you!” If you are recently out of school, you won’t want to wait to start doing this. It’s not a bad thing to get the ball rolling and make them feel a bit more special than you did in college where it was easier. You’ll find that after college, there will be more struggle to remind yourself to check on your significant other to see how they are doing!

3. Never Stop Talking

No matter how hard if gets to make time for one another, never stop talking to each other! You’ll find nights where you just want peace and quiet because your day or week at work was unbearable, but talking to you significant other can help relief the stress of your work at work. You’ll find that communication will be a big test during your first year after college because being in a relationship might have been easy and better to handle back then. 

Being able to jungle multiple things at once will help you navigate through this tough time as a coming of age adult in this world. It’s always easier to go through this type of thing with someone and when you are talking problems through, your relationship can become a lot easier!

How To Keep The Romance Alive After College

4. Plan Future Trips

The best part of being in a relationship is always having someone there to go on trips with! Making time for one another might include going on these trips. It’s not just about physically going on them, it’s about being able to get excited about going on them with the person you love where you’ll create new memories to look back on and remember as time goes way too fast!

You’ll find that after college, making plans for tips becomes a lot harder because when you were in college, you might have had trips plan by your class council that you went on because you just had to buy the tickets, there wasn’t any real planning involved, but now you have to do everything and finding the time can be next to impossible!

5. Surprise Them

Don’t be afraid to plan a weekend where your significant other doesn’t know what’s going on. A part of make you happy is making them happy which helps means it’s a win-win for you both! It doesn’t always have to be a trip, but a nice night on the town would be great too. Having some dinner, maybe a movie or a walk in the park. Something romantic is always a nice gesture. 

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At the end of the day, you want them to realize that you were trying and that it’s the thought that counts. You don’t have to go all out too, buying flowers or getting them a little something extra can go a long ways. You might find that it’s easier to surprise them after college and living on your own than it was during college! But you might not get what they want the first time, but creating new things to do and making them know that what you are doing it to make them happy, you’ll be happy too! 

6. Don’t Hold Grudges 

The worst thing you can do in any relationship is hold a grudge. When you can let go of the little fights and loses that come with being in a relationship. After college, is it a challenge to be the couple you were in college. It’s a whole new ball game! If you live together bills may get in the way; if you don’t life together, it can be a distance problem.

Whatever hurtles you have had or are going through, you can’t keep them locked up. Grudges can hurt a relationship, especially when it’s nonsense at the time! Let it go! It’s most likely not that important to keep locked up tight!

How To Keep The Romance Alive After College

Relationships can be hard, even when you’ve been together for 4 years. Being in a new environment with the person you love can make anyone’s love dim a little bit. But getting the love back doesn’t have to be!

Did you find any of these helpful? Do you have any advice? Tell us in the comments below!

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