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How To Keep Romance Alive During A Pandemic

How To Keep Romance Alive During A Pandemic

With the fear of going out to celebrate love being prevalent, there’s still no excuse not to keep the flame alive for your relationship. Fancy dinners and getaway trips are not always the recipe for staying connected with someone you’re with.
In case you are struggling, here’s how you can keep romance alive during a pandemic.
How To Keep Romance Alive During A Pandemic


I think music is underrated sometimes, but setting the vibe in your home with some great tunes is a really great way to keep romance alive. I’m not just talking about sexual music, either. Sometimes playing “your song” is a good way to rekindle old memories of firsts and falling in love.
Making a playlist is also a good way to go. Consider songs that have meaning in them. Maybe they tell stories about early crushes to late-night dates. Before you know it, you’ll have an entire soundtrack you can gift to your partner that tells the entire story of your love for them.
A final thing you can do with music is to get creative and write your own love songs. You don’t have to be a gifted musician or singer, but being cheesy enough to consider something so cute and performing it is sure to make your partner swoon, and maybe give them a good chuckle, too.


Movies offer a sense of escapism, which can help keep romance alive for you and your partner. Scheduling movie date nights for the two of you can be fun and give you both something to look forward to.
Consider opting for movies that help you get in touch with your softer side. Sure, an action movie or a horror movie is fun every now and then, but look into films that you both can get into that provoke passion and heartbreak.
If romantic comedies are your thing, awesome. If period pieces about courting are your thing, fantastic. If psychological dramas about lost love and fighting for someone are your thing, I’m here for it. If you both appreciate the black and white film noir of two lovers, you guys rock. Either way, find your niche that you and your partner enjoy and plan around it.
Since the pandemic, many have also taken to binging new TV shows as well. Consider shows like “Feel Good,” “Valeria,” “Summertime,” “Say I Do,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Jane The Virgin,” “Friends From College,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Romance Is A Bonus Book,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Outlander,” and “The Vampire Diaries.” There are plenty of others on streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu.


There is a lost art to reading, but since the pandemic, many are taking to books for comfort. If you’re looking to keep romance alive for you and your partner, consider reading romantic stories together. If you think about it, it’s an intimate book club between the two of you. You start to have conversations on your opinions of characters and how they relate to the people you know in your everyday life.
Before you know it, you and your partner are reading out loud to one another over coffee and wrapped in blankets on epic tales of fighting for true love. I heard a story about a couple that reads Nicholas Sparks novels together and another couple that reads the Twilight series together. Whatever your taste is, find what you have in common with your partner and get to reading.

Love Letters

This is one of my favorite gestures, personally. A fun way to keep romance alive is to write letters to your partner. They don’t have to be super long and they don’t have to be poetic. Even if you suck at writing, you can still let them know how much you appreciate them and what you love about them. Be specific in your letters and be kind. You can even add some inside jokes if being sappy isn’t your or your partner’s thing.
Also, get creative with how you send the letters. You could mail them to your own address with their name on it or leave them in surprising places like behind the bathroom mirror. I have a loved one who mails letters with wax seals. Anything that requires thought is romantic in itself.
How To Keep Romance Alive During A Pandemic

TikTok Couples Challenges

This is a new thing, but it’s definitely a fun way to keep romance alive. Since the pandemic, TikTok has exploded in popularity. Many are following hilarious trends from viral dances to comedic pranks. One thing that has really taken off is couples challenges.
One of my favorites is the “koala challenge.” It’s a physical challenge where a partner crawls all over you like a koala without touching the ground while the other stands still. There’s a Q&A challenge that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez did that’s adorable. Also, all of the “Flip The Switch” video challenges are awesome. You can search up any of these challenges on TikTok, including new ones, and get in on all the fun.

Consistent Game Nights

If you plan consistent date nights, that always makes a world of a difference for making your partner feel like they are a priority in your life. However, in this case, since you’re spending more time indoors, consistent game nights can be just as meaningful.
There are many games you can do that are playful, intimate, and help keep romance alive. Anything physical from Twister to {THE AND} couples edition, which contains intimate questions, will bring the two of you closer together. One of my favorite games to play is 20 questions because it gives you a chance to learn new things about someone you’ve been with. Be sure to plan a combination of silly and sensitive activities.


One of the best ways to keep romance alive is just to be considerate of your partner’s needs. Cleaning for them or cooking their favorite meal is always a welcome gesture. If you know they’ve been stressed with work, make them laugh and make their home life less burdensome. Whatever you do, do it with love and consideration so that they feel you care about them even when they aren’t feeling their best.


Overall, in order to keep romance alive, you and your partner must communicate. Be sure to ask what would make them happy and be vocal about what you consider romantic. Mix things up and be sure to surprise them. Keeping things exciting is possible, no matter how long the relationship goes on and doesn’t require grandiose acts. It’s just a matter of keeping connected with your partner, even if by the simplest of means.
How To Keep Romance Alive During A Pandemic

What do you do to keep romance alive for you and your partner? Leave a comment and let me know!

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