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How To Keep Healthy During Exam Season

How To Keep Healthy During Exam Season

Trying to keep healthy during exam season may seem impossible. But it really is important that you’re taking care of yourself physically and mentally during all your 4am study sessions. Making sure your needs are met will get you those grades more efficiently than if you just deteriorate into a back of Cheetos.

Drink Lots Of Water

Water is important to keep healthy on any given day, we’re supposed to have at least 8 glasses of it. Sometimes when we’re studying we forget to take a second to drink. Not keeping yourself hydrated can lead to dehydration, headaches, and an inability to focus. Make sure you’re getting those 8 glasses!

How To Keep Healthy During Exam Season

Make Time For Exercise

I’m sure most of you are saying, “There’s no time to hit the gym during exam season”, and I get that you’re totally right. But even just getting off your bed/chair and doing a few sit ups or jumping jacks can help clear your mind and ensure that you get a good nights rest before your exams.

Make Sure You’re Eating Right

Those 2am cravings for cookie dough ice cream are REAL while studying but its best to turn them down. Eating unhealthy during a stressful period of your life is just going to make you feel even worse. Sluggish and fatigued are not moods you want to be in while writing an exam. Stick to those greens and fruits for maximum brain power.

How To Keep Healthy During Exam Season

Keep Social Life Going

Although it’s only normal to withdraw from your social group a little during exam time, make sure you’re still in contact. Your social life is just as important to your brain as exercise. Remember, most of your friends are going through the same thing. Checking up on each other every now and then is beneficial for everyone.

How To Keep Healthy During Exam Season

Make Sure To Take Breaks

“We were on a break!” is definitely not a Friends line you want to use to defend a failed exam, but taking a walk and getting some fresh air every couple hours will actually help you stay focused. Maybe use this break to get some healthy snacks or some leg exercises.

Try Some Relaxation Techniques

Keeping the mind clear is the key to retaining all that information you’ll need for exams. Try doing some meditating or mindfulness before you start your study session to relax. Most universities also offer programs during exam periods to distress like petting dogs and yoga classes. Make sure to check your school’s registrar’s office to keep up to date on relaxation classes!

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How To Keep Healthy During Exam Season

Get Enough Sleep

Everyone loves sleep…and a lot of it. You need it to keep healthy. But I feel like we all think that there’s no time for sleep when we have to study and it’s the first thing that gets cut from our everyday schedules. You’re feeding your brain so much information and the only time your brain full processes this info is while you’re sleeping. If you’re lacking sleep during exam period you’re not retaining as much info as you can!

Make A Schedule

There are a lot of ways to keep healthy during exam season. Ideally, you should practice all of the tips mentioned above to keep healthy during exam season. Making a schedule will help you balance it all and make you feel more confident during this stressful period.

Grades Don’t Define You

At the end of the day, these grades don’t define you. Your health and wellbeing is the most important thing. Don’t compromise one to get the other. Find a healthy balance.

What are your techniques to keep healthy during the exam period? Have you tried any of the above? Let me know in the comments below.

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