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How to Jazz Up Your Desk to Give You Just the Right Amount of Study Inspiration

How to Jazz Up Your Desk to Give You Just the Right Amount of Study Inspiration

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap] don’t know about you, but there’s nothing that makes me more inspired to do something than when I have some cute inspiration. As a college student, everyone knows that the toughest,but obvious, thing we have to do is study. At some point we’ve got to haul ourselves to that desk and try to stay awake long enough to type that essay that we’ve been putting off for the last couple of weeks. Or at least long enough to compile a good and reliable thesis statement. Fortunately, who says studying has to be boring? In fact, I’ve got all the right desk inspo to motivate you and make you more inspired to hit those books!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves

Shelves are one of the cutest and easiest ways to add organization to your study situation, which is definitely important to avoid any chaos that may hinder you in thoroughly getting your work done. No hammer and nails? No problem, just use adhesive strips!


Just grab a few floating shelves from your local craft store and get to decorating!



Of course, on those shelves you are going to need some greenery to bring you all of the zen study vibes and peace that is possibly necessary. If shelves aren’t your thing, of course, you can always go for just placing the plants on your desk, itself. You can never go wrong with just having a simple study area with a few key essentials anyways! Don’t hesitate to use stylish vases for your beautiful greenery or even flowers either.




We all know that you can never go wrong with a little wall collage – ing. You can place frames from your local craft store or even Etsy *one of my faves* above your desk that curate words that provide you just the right amount of study inspo. You can even be sure to choose a theme to tie everything together. If study quotes aren’t necessarily your thing and you want some other strong inspiration, feel free to add some of your favorite pics of you with family and friends! Or, if you want the best of both worlds, don’t hesitate to mix it up and get yourself a grid board where you can add both kinds!


Desk candles


I am definitely a self-proclaimed candle connoisseur; I think they tie everything together. Candles are definitely sure to give you the most amazing iridescent and serene vibe that you will need to help complete your studies. Believe me, I have many of them and they always make me feel relaxed, so I can attest!

Desk Cubbies


This one is not exactly for aesthetic purposes, but it is definitely something you should be adding to your needs list because staying organized is important! Studies have actually shown that the less organized you are, the less you will be inclined to study. I also speak from experience when I say this. When I am organized, I truly feel like I have a clear head and can conquer the world or that stack of papers that has been piling on my desk for the last few weeks. Grab some cute and fun organizer colors and you’ll instantly see the transformation.


Fun Boards

Letter board

This one is a little open-ended. However, all I mean is consider adding in a dry-erase, grid, or corkboard, that you can creatively beautify. This one also falls a little bit more under the essentials category and is going to also allow you to stay organized. You can write an inspirational message for yourself on your dry-erase board. Or, if you opt for a corkboard, you should consider adding important events, pictures, or even fun inspirational quotes to the mix. After all, it is all about adding your own individual style, while staying organized.

One of my favorite kinds of boards and one that I also am a huge advocate of are letter boards! They are extremely fun and cute and you can arrange the letters to say anything you want them to. They are also super cheap and easy to attain!





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Maybe the one thing that is hindering you from studying is actually that hard and very uncomfortable chair that you are forced to sit in for hours on end and get your work done in. It doesn’t actually have to be that way and there’s a very simple, and effective solution. Pillows are the perfect ideal solution to make sure your study situation is taken care of and you are truly comfortable while doing your work. You can honestly just add some ordinary ones if comfort is your priority but why not be stylish if you can help it? You can match the aesthetic of your desk and choose one with some fun correlating patterns.


Pencil Organizer

Pen organization

Here’s another essential that can serve both your aesthetic and organized needs. Maybe you can’t keep up with any of your pens or pencils and keep misplacing your favorite pink gel pen. This organizer is a way for you to keep up with all of those writing utensils that seem to keep vanishing out of thin air. Something as simple as just having this on your desk will definitely change your studying game and help you stay on top of things.

Desk Mat

Desk mat


Desk Mats are a cute way to add some more fun style to your desk. They are usually meant to go under your keyboard and can tie into your desk and give it a neater and sleeker look. They are also mainly there to protect your desk from any damage, but who says that your mat can’t be cute?

Digital Clock

DIgital clock

This way is a fun and easy way to stay ahead of your schedule and time! These clocks exist in various options and colors and you can even get some that tell you the day and weather! Regardless, they’ll definitely make you more inspired to sit at your desk without having to worry that time is getting away from you. This also gives your desk a sophisticated feel and will add the finishing touches to your ordinary desk.


Which Organization Tip was your favorite? Comment down below and let us know!