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How To Incorporate More Nature Into You Routine At FSU

How To Incorporate More Nature Into You Routine At FSU

Florida State University is an amazing place to go to school. But like anywhere, it is easy to fall into the same old routine of going to class, going to the library, going to work, going out, and going home. Remember to prioritize nature and the outdoors within your busy schedules by adding a few of these ideas to your plans.

Go swimming:

Find one of the billion apartment buildings around campus with a cool pool to go swimming in. Take a break from studying by swimming a few laps, floating with a drink, or simply laying out and absorbing the sun. A lot of apartment buildings also host pool parties throughout the year to make those pool days extra fun. So plan your day accordingly so that you will have time to hit the pool for an hour or two.

How To Incorporate More Nature Into You Routine At FSU

Go kayaking:

Head over to the FSU Reservation and take out a kayak. Kayaking is a great way to exercise your arms and is incredibly peaceful. Get a change of scenery by being out on the water and racing your friends. If you go far enough to the end of the lake, there are some smaller streams that lead out to even bigger lakes. Be sure to watch how long you have been on the kayaks since others will probably be waiting for their turn. Enjoy the peace and quiet of being on the lake while gliding over the subtle waves. As I said, I highly recommend the FSU Rez for this but I am sure that there are many lakes surrounding the Tallahassee area that you could also check out.

How To Incorporate More Nature Into You Routine At FSU

Have a picnic on Landis Green:

This one is a little closer to campus but still gets you outside and enjoying some fresh air. Pack a light picnic and bring some sports balls for a fun day in the sun. This location is great to meet up with friends since everyone probably has easy access to campus. Be sure to bring some sunglasses, sunscreen, food, and drinks for a well-deserved good time.

How To Incorporate More Nature Into You Routine At FSU

Zip-lining at the Tallahassee Museum:

If you’re an adventurer, then this should be the next thing you do in Tallahassee. Safely swing from tree to tree over various animal enclosures at the Tallahassee Museum. It is not exactly ziplining over the Amazon, but you’ll still get an awesome thrill and you’ll see plenty of cool animals on your adventure.

How To Incorporate More Nature Into You Routine At FSU

Go to a park:

My two favorite parks in Tallahassee are Mission San Luis and Cascades.

Whenever I go to Mission, I love taking a book and quietly reading on the boardwalk overlooking the lake. There is also a dog park if you want to bring your four-legged friend out for some fresh air as well. If you are more in the mood to walk around there are plenty of great trails that will make you feel totally secluded. I highly recommend heading over to this park in the evening time with the families and dogs are in full force.

Cascades is a great place if you are looking for somewhere to just sit and chill in peace. Bring a picnic blanket or just sit on one of their many swinging benches. This park is massive and pretty clean. It also overlooks a pretty lake with lots of small playgrounds for younger kids. This place is the perfect family spot. The Edison restaurant also borders the park so you can grab a delicious lunch after a relaxing day at the park.

Go for a walk:

Whether it is an early morning walk or a brisk evening walk, heading out for a stroll is a great way to relax and get some blood flowing. Take your four-legged friend, a human friend, or just your best playlist for a short or long walk. Keep it simple by just going around your neighborhood or shake it up by going to campus or a park. It can be really easy to get caught up with work to the point where you forget to go for a walk so set your phone alarm for a time that works for you as a quick reminder. Incorporating walks into your daily routine is a great way to have some alone time and really get back to nature.

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How To Incorporate More Nature Into You Routine At FSU

Join a school club:

There are so many clubs at Florida State University that involve exercising and getting back to nature. A couple include Surf Club, Rock Climbing Club, and Adventure Club. You have the opportunity to make a bunch of new friends and the activities are planned and executed by the clubs for a certain amount of fees. Don’t worry about planning things or making reservations, just stay updated with your club and their fabulous ideas that they have worked on for a long time.

How To Incorporate More Nature Into You Routine At FSU

Go on an Outdoor Pursuits trip:

While at FSU, you should definitely take advantage of Outdoor Pursuits. They plan amazing trips that can range from day trips to multiple days. They do a wide range of activities from hikes, to white water rafting, to camping. The trips are also open to the non-FSU students for a higher fee than for FSU students. Transportation and accommodations are included in the fees you would be paying. Check out their upcoming events by looking at their website or by contacting the members who run the events. Be sure to check far in advance so that you can plan and invite people accordingly.

How To Incorporate More Nature Into You Routine At FSU

Thank you for taking the time to read these articles and for putting in the effort to embracing more nature in your busy lives. College can be both, extremely fun and extremely stressful but it is always important to take a step back and connect with nature. You don’t have to go camping to enjoy the sunset or the sound of chirping birds. Plan your time with nature in monetarily and timely reasonable ways. Do you have any other ideas on how to incorporate nature into your routine? Please drop them in the comments below!

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