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How To Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit

How To Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit

White tennis skirts have, in recent years, become increasingly popular and fashionable, on and off the courts. With the comfortability factor of a tennis skirt combined with a stylish fashion sense, incorporating this apparel piece into your closet can be easily done. There are so many different ways to incorporate white tennis skirts into your everyday apparel. Knowing how to pair it with every type of look is key to making this piece work.

Bold Colors And Matching Hat

Wearing a white tennis skirt out as part of your everyday clothes, you will need something that makes it blend into the outfit. Find a bright top, either sweater, tank top, T-shirt or crop top, and wear it with your white tennis skirt. This will create the illusion that you are just wearing a mini skirt with your fun outfit. If you want to be on the court for a photo session, match the top with the color of your tennis racquet. Pairing a white hat to go with the white skirt will tie together the look and make it wearable for a casual day out.

How To Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit

Sweatshirt With Skirt

Adding a pull-over to your top with a tennis skirt is a great way to incorporate this piece into an everyday look. If you want a comfortable yet stylish outfit to create out of your white tennis skirt, putting on a pull-over top or sweater over your shirt is a great way to do this. If you have a polo underneath, make sure they are contrasting colors to really make the outfit cohesive. This is also a great way to incorporate other colored tennis skirts into outfits as well! All you need is a few different colored pull-overs and you are all set!

How To Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit

Large Pleats

There are many different styles of tennis skirts, so finding the right one for each occasion is key. The different pleating patterns and sizes on the skirts make a difference in how the outfit is worn. Large pleats create a more everyday look rather than smaller pleats. While you can still create outfits with smaller pleats (which we include later), large pleats look more like a regular skirt than a tennis skirt. Depending on how you want your style to look, adding any comfortable sweater with this large pleated skirt will make you look stylish and comfortable.

How To Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit

Small Pleats

Wearing a tennis skirt with smaller pleats as an everyday outfit may seem more challenging rather than wearing one with larger pleats, but it can still be done. It looks great with this bold green turtleneck. Tucking in whatever shirt you choose to wear with this look will be best. You don’t want it to look overbearing or as if you threw together two pieces of clothing, so tucking in your top will tie this look together. The smaller pleats to this style of skirt will give a flowy feeling to it, so having a tighter top on will make it a cohesive outfit.

How To Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit


Making an outfit out of a white tennis skirt might seem challenging, but having different styles of skirts will make this possible. Having a high-waisted skirt is perfect if you want to tuck in a T-shirt or tank top and make it a loose outfit. Pairing it with a matching white hat will tie the look together. You can wear pretty much any color top you want with this because of the style of the tennis skirt. This is also a really flattering style for all body types, as high-waisted styles can oftentimes make us feel slimmer and hide any insecurities. High-waisted skirts are the perfect apparel piece for girls of all shapes and sizes!

How To Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit

Off-The-Shoulder Sweater And Skirt

If you want to make a stylish outfit with your tennis skirt, wearing an off-the-shoulder sweater is a great way to go about this. It does not matter the style or shape of the skirt; as long as the colors match (and with white, it always will), this look will work. You can dress it up with nice shoes and accessories, or dress it down with white tennis shoes or shoes that match the sweater. Off-the-shoulder styled outfits are perfect for looking cute while staying comfortable!

How To Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit


If wearing a mini-skirt is highly uncomfortable for you, or if you just think it’s not the most flattering look on yourself, wearing a mini tennis skirt is the best way to make this work for you! While wearing a mini-skirt can make some of us feel bigger or feel uncomfortable, a tennis mini-skirt is a comfortable way to pull off this look. It is slimming in all the right areas while accentuating the natural curves you want to show off. Whether you want it high-waisted or low-waisted, wearing a tennis mini-skirt will be flattering and easy to wear all day! You can pair it with just about any top, and if you want to really dress it up, heels can make this look stand out!

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How To Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit

Girly Outfit

Creating a girly outfit with a tennis skirt is a lot easier than it may seem. Go through some of your nice tops you would typically pair with a skirt or distressed jeans, and chances are, you will find lots of choices to pair with a tennis skirt. Depending on how comfortable you are in different styles, you will need to mix and match until you find the right combination for your body type. Finding whatever makes you feel the most confident is key in this outfit!

How To Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit

Flared Out Skirt

Having a tennis skirt that flares out is super flattering with a tight waist that doesn’t actually feel tight when wearing it. As long as you have the right size, the fit and flare style of this tennis skirt will make you feel confident and look good! This look goes best with a tucked-in T-shirt, but who’s to say you can’t rock it with another top on? Pair it with a matching hat or shoes to create a great look for an everyday wear.

How Include A White Tennis Skirt in Your Next Outfit

How will you be incorporating a white tennis skirt into your next outfit? Share with us in the comments below!

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