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How To Improve Your Resume Like A Boss

How To Improve Your Resume Like A Boss

Knowing how to improve your resume is key for getting the job. These are the best resume tips that will help polish your resume and how to get hired!

At this point, we are all aware the resume is a crucial, if not the most important, factor to scoring yourself a job. I’d have to argue the most important element is an interview but to each their own; I suppose a resume gets you in the door. Needless to say, coming up with a single-sided piece of paper that accurately yet creatively pin-points your strengths is a challenge. These are the best ways to get future employers to realize what you already know; you’re meant for the job! Here’s how to improve your resume in five easy steps. Get yourself a next-level resume with these #GirlBoss resume builders. We’ve got you regardless of your experience, or lack thereof.

5 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Resume

 Know The Job Description With Your Eyes Closed

This applies for any job you’re looking to apply to. Make sure you know specifically what each company is looking for in an employee. Resumes are not one-size fits all; sometimes you need to alter your resume based off the current job positon openings. It’s crucial you look at any job description so you can determine if you are qualified. This will not only help your resume but your interviewing preparation. Before opening a blank document, take your time and go through the job description. Knowing what specific qualifications they are looking for will help set you apart.


Amp Your Skills Up

Your experience level doesn’t always correlate with a job you could be applying for. Knowing how to play up your skills is a prominent skill to perfect when drafting resumes. What you should be doing to improve your resume is focus a great deal on your skills and knowledge, not past experience. While that might sound surprising, they want to know your skill-set. Generally half of our resume is taken up by past experience. Your resume is the time to condense and show your expertise. It doesn’t necessarily matter where you learned your skills, but that you learned them!

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Condensed Summary

Briefly mentioned before, you want to make sure every word matters on your resume; you only get a page to do so. This is the best way to learn about a particular person, using their own words. While it may feel uncomfortable bragging about yourself, this is exactly the time to do so; there is a huge stamp of approval. This is your only time to veer away from the bullet points and share a little about yourself. Introduce yourself professionally and explain why you’re a perfect fit for the position. However, this could be done for a cover letter. If the company you are applying for doesn’t ask for a cover letter, this is your time to do so. I would highly recommend having a cover letter regardless.


Polish Your Positions

Showcase your talent! I’m going to keep saying it. Don’t entirely ditch your standard descriptions of what your job entails but utilize a format that works. Categorization is important. You want to be honest when describing your job descriptions but keep them condense enough that they don’t take up a lot of space. You shouldn’t have jobs older than two years on your resume. Keep it fresh and polished! This is crucial for how to improve your resume.

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Spice Up The Design

If you are applying for a job that involves highlighting your creativity, use your damn resume! Resumes are usually cut and dry and boring. You could say they aren’t memorable what so ever. Think of Elle Woods; her resume made a lasting impression and got her the position. Crafting the perfect resume is nothing like a walk in the part but you should be having fun with it. It shows your personality and your strengths, so use them!

Hopefully these tips how to improve your resume help you score the job. You’re a badass so flaunt it on your resume!

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Have any other tips for how to improve your resume?! Let us know in the comments!
Here's how to improve your resume like a total boss!
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