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How to Improve your Parents’ Fashion with Nordstrom

How to Improve your Parents’ Fashion with Nordstrom

So, your parent’s fashion sucks, and you want to improve it? This is How to Improve your Parent’s Fashion by using Nordstrom. (Not Affiliated with Nordstrom). It seems like all parents go through a lull in fashion since they are so busy working or managing the house, there is no time for shopping. Using Nordstrom is an easy and effective way to get moderately priced clothing and all the latest and greatest styles, from your parents.

Newest Styles Updated Constantly

When your parents are starting to fade out of style, showing them how to use the Nordstrom app can be helpful. Something that I really enjoy about the Nordstrom app is that it is continuously updated constantly with new styles. They have everything from Men’s Clothing to Women’s Clothing all the way to sweaters for your pets, you name it, it’s on the Nordstrom app. The Nordstrom App is full of clothing that ranges from expensive designers like Alexander McQueen and Gucci all the way to Brandy Melville and BP, so many different types of brands no matter your budget. Nordstrom has a page that Parents can browse through titled “Trending Looks” here you are able to find the “perfect look” and you are able to seek advice if needed to better help you find what you are looking for. Nordstrom also allows you to participate in the “Nordstrom Stylists” program where you can get personalized style advice and outfit recommendations online or make an appointment and go in person.

Newest Styles with Nordstrom

Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack?

Stuck deciding between Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack? Let’s see which one is the best for you! When trying to determine which store is best for your parents, right away I would ask if they were looking to save money. This is because Nordstrom Rack is known to be more of a discounted store and carries the previous season of clothing and accessories. So, if you don’t mind wearing last season’s dress for half the price then you have found your store. Although not everything that is carried at Nordstrom Rack is last season, it is priced nicely for the parent looking to save a few bucks. Nordstrom on the other hand is going to have a bit more of a luxury feel to the store, although it does carry brands like Brandy Melville, BP, and Topshop which are on the more affordable side. For the most part, if you are walking into Nordstrom, you are looking at spending at least one hundred dollars.

Nordstrom Rack Logo

The Best Prices Guaranteed

Something that you can assure yourself with at Nordstrom is that you get the best prices guaranteed, when saying this I am talking about how Nordstrom is going to price match items if another department store is selling them for less. Hear that Parents! This is something fairly new that they just rolled out, and people are loving it. Their price match is a bit different than most places though, Nordstrom stated that “We pay you the difference if you find a lower price at any competitor within 10 days of your purchase. They’ll even match their own online prices if you find that an item is cheaper on than in stores.” How Great!

Special Discount Photo

Easy-to-Use Application (for Parents)

For Parents, if you are looking for an easy-to-use Application for shopping, look no further, the Nordstrom Application is so easy to use! This App is rated five stars on the app store and from all of the parents that I have spoken to the census is that this app is user-friendly and has a great response time if you are needing help figuring something out on the Application itself. As for the Nordstrom Rack App, I don’t have the same great things to say about it, Nordstrom Rack is better to shop in person than online. I say this because it seems like Nordstrom Rack is charging you for everything, taxes, shipping, handling, and anything else they can seem to tack onto the order. So, for Nordstrom Rack, I highly suggest that you go into the store as the deals are great in-store but not the best online. Whereas Nordstrom itself is much better for shopping online as they usually give you complimentary shipping and handling, so parents in store for Nordstrom Rack and both for Nordstrom.

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Nordstrom Rack Logo

The Nordstrom Rewards Program (Nordstrom Notes)

Something that I personally love about Nordstrom is the Nordstrom Note rewards program, this is something that you get when you spend money at Nordstrom, whether that be in-store or online. The Nordstrom App has a club that you can be a part of called the “Nordy Club” this where if you shop you get rewarded, for every single dollar that you spend at Nordstrom you are rewarded with one point, if you are a part of the Nordstrom credit or debit card program then it’s going to be three points for every single dollar that you spend in the Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store online or in person. There are so many different ways that you can use these points, one thousand points equals ten dollars off your purchase, and two thousand points going to get you twenty dollars off of your purchase. There are days called double points days where if you shop in the store then you will get double the number of points from shopping. There are many different tiers of statuses in the Nordstrom app, you start at Member which everyone starts at, and as soon as you spend five hundred dollars you are an insider, two thousand dollars gets you to the influencer status which also gets you more points when you purchase, finally the ambassadors are if you spend five thousand dollars in one calendar year. You are able to access in-home appointments with Nordstrom at this level which is a lovely perk to have parents.

Nordy Club Photo


This is how you can improve… or parents how you can improve your style with Nordstrom. Using the steps provided above to better help you understand how to use the application or get your journey started with Nordstrom.