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How To Impress Your Crush Without Embarrassing Yourself

How To Impress Your Crush Without Embarrassing Yourself

How To Impress Your Crush Without Embarrassing Yourself
Why is it that our clumsy characteristic always seems to intensify when we happen to be around someone we like? If you’re lucky enough to not know or understand what I mean by that, here’s an example to give you a better idea.
You’re at a party and your crush is standing across the room by the bathroom. You notice them, and you notice them noticing you. At least you think. So, for verification, you decide to conveniently take a quick bathroom break and walk directly in front of them to be seen.
When you make it within a foot or two away, you trip over your own feet and fall flat on your face. Now your nose hurts.
It shouldn’t be that hard to impress your crush, but let’s be honest; it sure can feel like it at times. We get it. Everyone wasn’t born with the natural charisma and effortless charm it takes to win over their crush with just a matter of words. That’s why we conjured up this list of ways to impress your crush without completely embarrassing yourself! Check these out and add them to your repertoire.

1. Care About Your Hygiene

Although this should go without saying, it’s honestly not as common as you may think, so we had to mention it. The number one way NOT to impress your crush is having hot breath or smelling like you’re allergic to soap. And vice versa, your crush will definitely take notice if you’re consistently well-kept and groomed.
If you haven’t already, develop a daily self-care routine and stick to it. Shower, apply deodorant, brush your teeth, floss, moisturize, exfoliate, etc. The whole nine. Get in the habit and exercise it until it becomes s priority of yours. You shouldn’t be living any other way. If you don’t care for yourself, how could your crush think you’ll care for them?
How To Impress Your Crush Without Embarrassing Yourself

2. Think Before You Speak

This one is a little easier to get caught up on. You may be a little nervous or excited and your words may get away from you. Completely understandable.
To combat this, remain conscious of the possibility of that happening. Don’t think too hard about it, but stay fully engaged in the conversation and think about each thought you want to say before you actually construct a sentence and say it. It may seem very minute, but this point will not only improve the delivery of your speech and how you say things but often also what you’re saying. You’ll find yourself bringing up more meaningful and significant conversations!
How To Impress Your Crush Without Embarrassing Yourself

3. Show Them Momma Raised You Right

This is a subtle, yet powerful way to impress your crush. It includes everything from having manners and being polite, to being family-oriented and respectful to elders, to letting them know about your ambitions and life’s goals. For example, if the opportunity presents itself, subtly mention your plans for the future and where you’re headed next. Don’t be afraid to ask them, too!
Doing all of these things essentially tells them that you have your head on your shoulders and you’re still growing as an individual. You don’t have to go all out trying to be overly-intellectual, just show that you have some sense!
How To Impress Your Crush Without Embarrassing Yourself

4. Be You

The most important aspect when considering how to impress your crush is simply being you. Let your true personality shine through and allow them to love you for who you really are! The foundation of most high success rates in this arena is being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Once you conquer that, everything else will just come to you – just like riding a bike.
How To Impress Your Crush Without Embarrassing Yourself
Adopting these steps will leave you no worries of going completely blank or stuttering your life away in front of your crush. Impressing them will become second-nature! Just remember, don’t overthink anything and don’t try too hard! Remain conscious of your areas of focus, act natural and watch how things fall in place.

How do you impress your crush when you have one? Let us know in the comments!

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