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How To Host The Perfect Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

How To Host The Perfect Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Host the perfect ugly sweater Christmas party with these five hosting tips. These Christmas party ideas are cute, affordable & easy party tricks for hosting

It would not be the holidays without an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! Grab your ugliest of sweaters, your friends, some snacks, and some bubbly to ring in the holidays in your ugliest style! Here’s how to host the perfect ugly sweater Christmas party.

1. Capture The Memories

Having a Polaroid camera at the ready ensures that you catch all of your favorite moments from the night. Buy enough film so your guests go home with pictures to cherish forever! If you host the perfect ugly sweater Christmas party with this trick, people will love you.

Since Christmas in L.A. never quite feels like the Christmas we come to know, like snowflakes and snowmen, I decided to do things differently with my tree this year. Oh yes! A very special Polaroid Christmas tree! I have a million Polaroids stashed up. Some are under my bed, on my walls, in my dresser / nightstand / drawers. They're scattered everywhere like loose change. Instead of using my old Target ornaments from last year, I had an idea of clipping Polaroids to the tree. And to t...

2. Playlist For Success

Everyone knows that a good playlist sets the mood for the night. Get inspiration from other’s pre-made playlists and mix the newer hits with the older.

Jazzy Christmas Playlist
3. Sweet Treats

Sweet treats=a sweet ending to your Christmas festivities. If you want to do something different, consider having a donut bar! This is crucial for how to host the perfect ugly sweater Christmas party.

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

4. Deck Your Halls

Go with a theme or mix and match decorations to put your guests in the holiday spirit! Check out Pinterest for trendy, DIY decorations!

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Hosting a white elephant gift exchange is always a crowd favorite that’s never short of laughs. Your friends will leave with funny memories and a gift to reuse at their next white elephant!

We're partnering with American Eagle Outfitters and Aerie to share the coziest pieces to gift this holiday!

Let us know what you think about how to host the perfect ugly sweater Christmas party in the comments below!
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