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How To Host A Virtual Birthday Party Like a Pro

How To Host A Virtual Birthday Party Like a Pro

Hosting a birthday party can be a nightmare, regardless if there is a pandemic outbreak or not. However, the new trend of Virtual Birthday Parties, has grasped the attention of many moms  and dads out there. They want to know how they would go about throwing their child(ren) a virtual birthday party. Though it may seem simple, it still has as much planning as any other  birthday party.


They are still needed when throwing your child(ren) a virtual birthday party. The child(ren) still want friends to be a part of the day. So, you must send out invitations or email the parents of those children. They have to know what platform of video chatting you are planning on using for the party. This way they can set it up for their child(ren) to be a part of your child(ren)s birthday.


They are something you should discuss with the parents of your child(ren)s friends after inviting them to the virtual birthday party. If they plan on getting your child(ren) a gift, they must know the best way to send it to your home or drop it off if they are nearby before the party. This will help keep the confusion of where and when to drop off a gift.



These can be down sized! Since you are throwing a virtual birthday party, only a portion of your home needs to be decorated. This would include a birthday banner and some balloons or a backdrop. There is no need to go all out and buy party streamers, confetti, or any other party supplies. This isn’t a normal birthday party and doesn’t have to be decorated as such. The point of the few decorations you have, is to ensure that everyone has the feeling of being there at the party. Of course, you can decorate your entire house if you please, the main goal here is to have the section of your house where your child(ren) will be decorated for their virtual birthday party.

Gift bags

They have always been a part of birthday parties. They are essentially a thank you for coming gift, to the party goers. Though they are not expected, for a child’s birthday party it is a nice thought for their friends. A great way to keep this tradition alive for a virtual birthday party, is to pass them out either the night before or early morning on the day of. This way the children have their gift bags and feel as if they were at a regular birthday party. This has never been a mandatory part of throwing a birthday party, it is just a gesture towards the children who participated in the day with your child(ren).



This is yet another big part of throwing a birthday party for your child(ren). However, you don’t want to upset the video chatters by only giving your child(ren) cake. There are many ways you can include them with the cake. One idea is to include a cupcake in their gift bags. This will give them a piece of cake with your child(ren). It also makes everyone feel as if they are thought of during your child(ren)s day.

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Party Section

The most important part of throwing a virtual birthday party, is to have a party section. This section will be where your child(ren) chat with their friends, eat cake, and open presents. You have to be sure that not only does your child(ren) have enough room to open gifts, but their friends can also see what they get as gifts. It may not seem like much

When you are planning a virtual birthday party for your child(ren) you also want to include family. However, there is a major difference when doing a virtual birthday party, rather than a face to face birthday party. With a virtual birthday party, it is a good idea to separate friends from family. That way your child(ren) can enjoy time with their friends, and then have time to spend the day with their other family. You could also do this vice versa. The only problem is when do you do which? That is a worry you shouldn’t put much thought into, because it is an easy fix. This is one reason you will need a schedule.



Creating a schedule will take up some time. So be sure to begin the making your schedule weeks in advance. This schedule will help you keep track of what you need to prepare. This is where virtual birthday parties become a tad stressful. If you do decide to have two separate parties, one for family and one for friends. It is best to plan them days apart. The best solution for this stress is to throw the virtual party for friends a day or two before the actual birthday. Reserve the actual birthday for family. This way you are able to please your child(ren) by including friends, but also keep other family members happy by having a day reserved for them.

If you make the schedule like a to do list, you can also keep track of what items you need for which party. I find it boring to have the same flavor cake twice in a week. So, you can write down two different cake flavors for the virtual birthday parties. It will also help you keep track of who has said they will be attending your child(ren)s virtual party.

These are only a few ideas of how to throw your child(ren) an awesome virtual birthday party successfully. These few tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone has their own ideas of how a birthday party should be thrown. What are some of your helpful tips for virtual birthday parties? Would you use any of these tips to help you plan your child(ren) the perfect virtual birthday party? I want to know what you all think would make the perfect virtual birthday party. Should there be a theme or no theme? Planning a birthday party virtual or not can be stressful. Let’s help each other out with ideas.