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How To Host A Halloween Party Like A Celebrity

How To Host A Halloween Party Like A Celebrity

Everyday, we get closer and closer to Halloween, one of the chillest holidays every year has to offer. Trick-or-treating, candy, and parties are staples of this great holiday. You’re here because your trying to figure out the “Party” part of Halloween. How do you host a Halloween party? Here’s a few tips to help with that.

1. Choosing a theme

If you’re gonna host a Halloween party, you’ve gotta choose a theme for it. Every good Halloween party has a theme, whether it be a normal costume party, or you get everyone to dress up as an era in history.

60’s, 70’s, and the Roaring 20’s are really common themes for Halloween parties. You could even be a bit more vague with this one, and just tell everyone to dress up as a time in history. That way, you can either get George Washington, or dinosaurs!


Whatever you decide to come up with, just have fun with it!

2. Invitations

If you’re looking to host a Halloween party, how in the world are you gonna even get people to go if you’re not sending out invitations? This another way to get that creativity of yours to shine through.


If you have kids, you could get them to help out with making the invitations. If not, then Canva is a great resource if you’re not that creatively inclined. It has a ton of templates and options for you to create your perfect Halloween invitation.

If you’re more creatively inclined, then there are some art programs that you can use. MediBang Paint Pro is free for iOS, Android, PC, and Windows. It’s a comic program, mainly, but you can totally create works of art there as well! One art program that is perfect for iPad users is Procreate. It does cost money, though, but in the end, you have a great art program that you can use for more than just invitations.

Get creative with it!


3. Food and Drinks

Ooh, food and drinks. You can never go wrong with good food and drinks.

Its pretty much a given that you’re gonna have to feed a ton of people if you’re gonna host a Halloween party. So to combat this, get food that arrive or are cooked in multiples than singles.


In other words, get things like ribs, chicken wings from Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings, pizza, and other foods like that. That way, it’s easier and a bit cheaper than having to cook a ton of burger patties for however many people you’re inviting. With pizza, you could even get one of each preference you can think of!

Just like kids, adults can’t get enough of candy. Be sure to spread some around your house, or on tables if your gonna host a Halloween party outside.

As for drinks, if the kids are going to be at a friend’s house or trick-or-treating with the oldest kid, then you can totally get alcoholic beverages and party all night long! A few Mike’s Hard Lemonades here, several vodka shots there, a ton of other different drinks spread out, and you’ll be set.


Of course, be sure to bring in some non-alcoholic beverages too, for the designated drivers in your party. Water and sodas are good, simple choices. You could even get non-alcoholic sangria, or apple cider for them as well!

4. Music

Music is one of the best parts of a Halloween party. It’s the thing that sets the atmosphere for a party up, and determines whether your currently alive guests will stay alive, or want to go home, looking deader than ever.


The easy way to set up music is getting a speaker system — renting is the cheaper option if you don’t host parties often — and setting that bad boy up to play Halloween music for hours on end. You can go the classic route of playing a ton of Halloween music, like “This is Halloween” or “Thriller.”

If you notice that your party is looking a bit dead, play some normal, hype songs in there as well. If you belong to any particular culture, play songs from that culture that you know will definitely revive the party!

For music, you kinda have to think out of the box when trying to figure out what people will like to dance or listen to. But again, jut have fun with it!


5. Mingle

This tip is more of a general tip for hosting. If you’re gonna host a Halloween party — or any party, for that matter — it’s polite to go around thanking the guests who came, and have a little conversation about how their life is or how’s the new job they got into.

It’s custom in a party setting! Don’t forget it!

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6. Decorations

This is probably the most fun and most creative part of the party process: decorations! Around September and especially in October, stores have a massive selection of Halloween decorations.

You don’t have to splurge on big, mechanical decorations if you don’t have the money; going to the dollar store is a perfect resource for finding cute Halloween decorations for a cheap price. Dry ice is also relatively easy to come by.

If you want to spend money on a mechanical decoration, though, Spirit Halloween usually opens around August or September and stays open up to Halloween Day. They have a ton of cool and spooky mechanical decorations that depend on sensors to activate. Those things can scare a grown adult really easily! If you can, also get a smoke machine to really set the atmosphere.


Maybe if, you’re not the partying type, this final option may be perfect for you!

7. Zoom or Skype Call

This last option seems a bit boring, but perhaps by October, none of us can really go outside yet or hang out in a big crowd yet. If you’re not really up to the whole decorating, mingling, or you simply just wanna chill out and stay safe this Halloween season, then setting up a Zoom or Skype call and just chilling with your friends online is a great way to get social.


You could even just wear your costumes during the call as well! If you’re gonna host a Halloween party on Zoom or Skype, then coordinate everyone’s times. Make sure everyone is gonna try to be available during this time, and set up a meeting for that day! You can still set up invitations, but you’ll definitely be saving money on decorations, food, drinks, and other things.

Skype lets you screen-share, and you all could watch a movie together!


Halloween parties are really fun, and as the one setting up the party, there’s so many ways to get creative with the party. You can never really go wrong with a Halloween party. Hopefully these tips helped you out in your party-planning journey. Happy planning!

What are your plans for Halloween? Comment down below and let us know!

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