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How To Have Time Management In College When You Work

How To Have Time Management In College When You Work

Learn How To Have Time Management In College When You Work to enable to have a successful career and semester! Here are our tips!

Being a full time student and having a part time job is unfortunately a necessary evil and everyday reality for lots of people.  Having time management in college is essential. It sometimes may seem like it is impossible to get through all of your classes and assignments and still find time and energy to devote to your job. Here are a few helpful hints and tips on how to have time management in college when you work.

1. Get a planner

This first tip may seem obvious but in my opinion it is honestly the most important. A planner will become your best friend, that you obsess over and take everywhere with you. Plan out your schedule and any important assignments, having a visual of your upcoming week/month allows you to see your free time.

2. Schedule in study time

Studying in college may seem like a given, but lots of times it can slip your mind if you are too preoccupied with other things, Looking at your planner see whats spaces you have in your day/week and schedule yourself some time to stay in and review. It can be 30 minutes one day and 2 hours the next, it all depends on what works best for you.


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3. Start larger assignments first

One of the most important parts of having time management in college is being able to prioritize your ever growing assignment list. If possible, start working on any big assignments as early as possible and continue little by little through out the weeks. By using this method you will have small amounts of work to do each day, as opposed to a huge assignment that you are stuck working on the night before.

4. Take advantage of down time

One of the easiest ways to survive working during the semester is to utilize any breaks that you have. Stuck on campus all day? Take advantage of the gaps you have in your schedule by hitting the library and getting started on that essay that your professor just surprised you with.

5. Set goals and focus

This idea can make even the biggest assignments and essays seem small. Start by setting small goals for yourself to reach each day in terms of how much work you need to complete. This breaks the amount of work down into much smaller sections and does not leave you feeling overwhelmed.

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6. App Timers

This can be difficult with so many distractions like Instagram, Snapchat and every other app on the planning seemingly calling for your attention. A quick way to to aid yout time management in college is to implement the use of app timers. There are tons of options (Instagram even has it’s own built in) that will limit you and the amount of time that you spend surfing the web.


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7. Take time off of needed

Most employers who hire college students know that they are balancing a heavy work load of work and school. Don’t be afraid to submit time off to your employer around midterms or finals if you feel that you need the extra time to study.

Which one of these time management tips will you be utilizing?
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