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How to Have the Best Night Routine

How to Have the Best Night Routine

With busy lives and schedules, we must find the time to unwind and relax. One of my favorite parts of my day is to unwind and relax before bed, and I do this by having a nightly routine that I enjoy. Having a solid nighttime routine allows me to destress and sleep better. I find that on the nights I don’t have to follow my nightly routine, I don’t sleep as well as I usually do. I toss and turn more when I’m in bed and struggle to fall asleep. I stare at my ceiling for way too long, causing me to feel annoyed because all I want to do is sleep. Having a good night routine has improved my sleep habits and has left me more rested and refreshed. Keep reading to see how you can create the perfect nighttime routine to help improve your beauty sleep.

1. Limit screen time

This is probably the essential instruction for you to follow, but it will also probably be the most difficult for you to stay true too. Limiting the amount of time you spend on your laptop, iPad, phone, or watching tv can help improve your sleep drastically and can help you create a fantastic nightly routine. Not only do these devices distract you from what time it is, but they also impact your sleep quality. The blue light this close to bed harms your eyes and rest, causing you to stay up for longer and not allowing you to unwind before bed. If you want a great night routine, then I recommend getting off all your devices at least an hour before you go to bed. Instead of inhaling content seconds before you close your eyes, an hour before you plan on tucking yourself in, turn on your alarm for the morning, charge your phone, and put it away. You can read, shower, meditate, journal, and relax for an hour or two before bed. Limiting your screen time will 100% allow you to have a great night’s sleep and routine.

2. Meditate

Take some time before bed that allows you to slow down and breathe. Meditating before you go to bed can help you get a better night’s sleep because it will enable you to relax after what might have been a long, exhausting, and stressful day. Take some time for just yourself and your thoughts. This will help you calm down before you get ready to get into bed and close your eyes. Take a couple of minutes to meditate. This can be a guided meditation, or you and you breathe. Creating this time for you to focus on your breathing before bed can help make the perfect nighttime routine.


3. Journal

Sometimes we can’t just let our minds go blank and meditate before bed. We might have to do something slightly more engaging. Journaling might be the perfect task to start incorporating into your night routine. Journaling can take as long or as short as you want and can be about anything you write about. Maybe you are feeling anxious and need to get some thoughts on paper and out of your head, or you want to manifest something, write about a goal you have or something that bothered you. This can be helpful to calm your brain before going to bed. When I am trying to fall asleep, my brain is running like crazy this is about all the different experiences and conversations that I had throughout the day, and I find that when I take five to ten minutes to journal before bed, this has decreased. I allow myself to write these feelings in my journal, and once I close the journal, these feelings and worries are left behind. Journaling will allow your mind to slow down before bed, helping you to get a better nighttime routine. Journaling before bed is the perfect addition to your nightly routine.
4. Skincare

Who doesn’t want to feel pampered, clean, and fresh before hopping into bed? I think the best night routine also includes a good skincare routine. It can be as long and expensive as you like or short, simple, and effective. This does not have to be a twenty-step three-thousand-dollar skincare routine if you don’t want it to be. It comes down to what you and your skin need. But I think a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and maybe a pimple patch do the trick! But feel free to use any products that you love! A skincare routine allows you to take some time out of your night and do something nice and cleansing for your skin. You will always appreciate this step before getting the perfect night’s rest. Having an excellent skincare routine built into your nightly rituals will allow you to feel like you are taking some time to take care of yourself and relax.

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5. Having a Bedtime

Yes, a bedtime! Bedtime is not just for toddlers but also for adults. Set a time for yourself that you would like to be under the covers. Having a goal to be in bed by will help you design the perfect night routine you need. Once you have your fixed bedtime, this enables you to schedule the rest of your nightly routine and ensures you get the proper amount of sleep. This schedule will help you prioritize everything you need to have the perfect night routine. Having a bedtime will help you not feel rushed before going to bed and let your body know that it is time to unwind. Make sure to pick a time that allows you to maximize your sleep and recovery time from the day.

All these factors will make for the perfect nighttime routine! Limiting your screen time, meditating, journaling, a solid skincare routine, and having a bedtime will allow you to create a strong basis for a night routine. Follow these steps to create an ideal routine to unwind from your hectic lifestyle and busy workday. These tips and tools will help you get better quality sleep and release stress before your head hits the pillow.