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How To Have The Best Makeup Looks Possible This Fall

Fall is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking of Fall related makeup looks. Say goodbye to sun-kissed skin and natural no-makeup looks and hello to a full face of warm orangey tones and dark lips. Here’s how you can master beautiful and flawless makeup looks this Fall!

Remember to moisturize

As the weather begins to cool down, it’s important to stay moisturized especially if your skin is prone to dryness. Remember to keep your face hydrated by beginning your makeup routine with a little moisturizer. It’ll help keep your makeup looking fresh and less cakey. Don’t forget to also exfoliate and moisturize those lips! With cold and dry weather comes cracked lips, and that’s not cute. Skin care is super important in order to achieve the best Fall makeup looks!

Keep it warm

Even though the heat is fading away, your makeup should keep the warmness! For Fall, you want to drift towards warm tones like oranges, golds, reds, auburns, and browns. These colors will compliment the season and all the pumpkins and falling leaves that come with it.

A sunset eye is a perfect look for Fall. The orange and yellows of a sunset scream Fall colors, and they’ll look exceptional on your lids. If you’re going full-glam, an orange lid and yellow cut crease is all the rage. If you’re going for more of a soft-glam look, blend an orange shade all over your lid, add a touch of gold shimmer, and you’re good to go!

Emphasize that wing

Don’t keep your eyeliner so subtle this Fall. Give your wing some thickness, length, and make it sharp enough to cut a bitch. Having a thick wing is also great if you’re not that into eyeshadows. It’ll give your eyes all the drama that you need.

Draw attention to your lips

Bold lips are what defines Fall makeup. Dark reds, pinks, browns, and plums are perfect for achieving the best possible makeup looks. If you’re a soft-glam kind of girl, a dark lip will certainly catch everyone’s eyes!

The best way to draw attention to your lips is to plump them up using a dark plum or red color. These colors will accentuate your lips and make them appear bigger and bolder than they are! Blend a lighter shade in the middle and you’ve got DIY lip fillers! Big and bold lips are an absolute game changer when it comes to Fall makeup.

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Give your cheeks a rosy flush

Don’t be afraid to go a little overboard on your blush this Fall. A little extra flush on your cheeks never hurt anybody. Pack on a nice dusty or peachy pink for a youthful and natural-looking flush. Go for a matte blush, or at least one that doesn’t emphasize texture, since Fall is all about being poreless and smooth.

Keep your brows looking bushy and natural

Ditch the sculpted Instagram baddie eyebrow look. Big bushy eyebrows are the way to go this Fall! A feathered brow look keeps your brows looking bold while still keeping that natural feel. Use an eyebrow gel to brush your brow hairs up and hold them in place. This is also great if you dread getting your brows done all the time. It gives you a little excuse to let them grow out.

Smoke it out

What is Fall without a smoky eye? Dramatic smoky eyes is what Fall is all about. Start with a transition shade on your crease and blend it like there’s no tomorrow. Then, use a darker shade all over your lid and blend it into your transition color. Make sure there are no harsh lines because a smoky eye is all about those seamless edges. Apply the same colors to your bottom lash, use a smudge brush to smoke it out, and you’re done!

Will you be trying these tips to achieve the best possible makeup this Fall? What are some of your favorite Fall makeup looks? Let us know in the comments!

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