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How To Have The Best Fall Break Possible This Year

How To Have The Best Fall Break Possible This Year

While in school, students often look forward to any breaks they can get. After summer, the first real-time off we have is during the fall, known as fall break or Thanksgiving break. Students want to take advantage of the glorious time off, that seems to go by way too fast, so here are some suggestions to ensure you have the best fall break you can!

1. Sleep In

Catch up on rest! I know that on my days off, the one thing I especially look forward to is sleeping in, it’s like my favorite thing in the whole world. But often while in school, were on tight, restrictive schedules that require us to wake up early and go to bed late, especially if we pull all-nighters studying. We forget what it’s like to sleep-in and wonder how our former 16-year-old selves took it for granted. Use your time off to simply enjoy sleeping in, and not having to listen for that dreaded, blaring alarm clock to jar you awake. 

How To Have The Best Fall Break Possible This Year

2. Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows

Catch up on TV you missed and just allow yourself to relax. You might not have as much time to watch TV while in school, which is understandable and probably a good thing if you’re focused on homework and attending classes. But TV can be a nice break from all that because you don’t have to force your brain to think so hard, and you can lie back and enjoy the trivial problems of other people for a while. Try to watch a show you’ve seen before, especially a comedic one you’ll enjoy so you don’t have to take it so seriously, and you can just unwind. 

How To Have The Best Fall Break Possible This Year

3. Read A Good Book

Get back into leisure reading. You’re not reading to prepare for a quiz, a presentation or a project. You’re just picking up a book you’ve been meaning to read and hopefully one you’ll enjoy and relax with. Reading while in college is a challenge, and most students stop reading for pleasure during the time they’re attending university because they spend so much time reading for classes. But reading a book is a good way to chill out, working your eyes and brain minimally, especially if you’re sick of staring at a screen. 

How To Have The Best Fall Break Possible This Year

4. Spend Time With Family

Catch up with family, if you haven’t seen them in a while. Being around a positive support group can be so beneficial to your mental health and give you the confidence boost you need to finish out the semester. It’ll also keep you emotionally grounded to reconnect with people you miss dearly. Not to mention, the change in faces you’re seeing and interacting with, because you’re so used to engaging with your professors and classmates every day.

Seeing old, familiar faces, people who know you and care about you, while you’re going through a challenging, transitional time in your life is incredibly important. 

How To Have The Best Fall Break Possible This Year

5. Drink

Maybe you want to let loose this fall break because you’ve been cramming and stressing for months and you need a minute to let your brain stop thinking so hard. That’s ok. Have a drink or two, with friends or family and just kickback. Holidays are notorious for partying and drinking, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Where there’s a feast, there is bound to be booze! 

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How To Have The Best Fall Break Possible This Year

6. Eat

Fall break is full of delicious food and we want to eat it all. Sometimes eating those sweet treats or hearty meals you’ve been looking forward to feels like a much-deserved reward after months of hard work and studying. Eat that second piece of pumpkin pie and hog all the stuffing! It tastes freaking awesome and you earned it! 

How To Have The Best Fall Break Possible This Year

7. Get Back Into An Old Hobby

While in school, much like reading or watching TV, you might not have as much time to pursue your other passions or hobbies. So while you have time on break, get back into knitting, crocheting, or painting or writing. Whatever makes you happy and takes your mind off classes. Improve your skills in this hobby, or relearn some things you may have forgotten. Engaging in a favorite activity can also be a great way to unwind from the stress of school. 

How To Have The Best Fall Break Possible This Year

Did you find these suggestions useful in having the best possible fall break for 2019? What are some other ways you can have the best fall break? Tell us in the comments below!

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