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How to Have the Best College Graduation Party

How to Have the Best College Graduation Party

Enrolling in college is that time where we choose to further our education in hopes of achieving a good career for our future. But once finals are over, that is the chance where we can finally wild out and throw the best celebration parties to end the school year. Here are the best ways to throw the best college graduation party. 

1. Beer Pong 

Sure, as grown adults our favorite way of enjoying beer is by sipping on a nice tall craft ale or lager. But as college students, it is all about taking whatever type of beer we can find to have that right amount to get lit. The main objective of playing beer pong is to have your ball land in one of the cups on the opposite end of the table. When a ball lands in a cup, the team has to remove the cup, drain the beer, and then set the cup aside. The team with the remaining cups is the winner. When you think about it. it’s almost like a version of just only with drinks of course. 

2. Football Games

Nothing is better than the thrill of watching your favorite football team compete for victory. But watching a college football game is even more thrilling. Compared to NFL teams, most college football games draw more of a much larger crowd such as alumni, fans who have invested more than just the price of a game ticket; they’ve spent what many consider the best four (or more) years of their lives at the school. Add to that mix the students themselves, usually packed into designated student sections where undergrads employ ever-increasingly creative ways to fly their colors and show support for their team.


3. Tailgating

The sense we are on the topic of end of the school year football games, one thing that college students enjoy is consuming your typical American meats such as hotdogs, burgers, and steak meals. Tailgate parties happen in the parking lots at mostly FOOTBALL stadiums and arenas, even before and sometimes after football games. Individuals attending such a party are thought to be ‘tailgating’. So right before you are about to witness some awesome football, just shotgun a few beers in the parking lot to get a nice buzz feeling!

4. Greek Week 

If you have ever wondered when you get to college and on the first day of the week, you see all those big letters that college students love showing off, it is time for Greek Week where for one week period in April where students in Greek organizations participate in programs and events that celebrate the values of the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life. Now even though this event does not happen right at the last week of school, it is only because of being mindful of other students making sure they are studying and meeting all their deadlines.

5. Caribbean Trip 

Trust me, if there is one feeling I can understand, it was being a broke college kid who could only live on ramen noodles every night. But once we graduate college, this is our chance to start working more and build up our bank accounts; and what would be the best way to use this money? Taking an exotic Caribbean Island vacation. A Caribbean vacation with your friends is just the right way to celebrate your years of hard work in finishing college. Clear blue, the nice smell of the ocean breeze, and some ice-cold Coronas will make this the best end of the school year to remember.


6. Focus on the Food 

Throwing end-of-the-year college parties allow you to let your creativity be in charge of planning all your exciting events. Having a backyard BBQ is both simple and a great way to create tasty food items that everyone will love.  Try simple foods like BBQ chicken or even Mac and Cheese, these food items guarantee to pull out all the stops with delicious gourmet toppings.

7. Make a Memory jar

Sure, the easiest way to save all your happy college memories is by taking lots of pictures and selfies with your friends. But the best way to preserve those happy memories is to keep them in a display where everyone can see them. Right when everyone shows up to enjoy the party, you should have a memory jar for everyone to see. A memory jar is a great way to celebrate the good times of college. All you need is a decorative mason jar, some pens or pencils, and enough strips of paper for each guest.

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8. Show off your Class Rings 

If you feel like you want to ball out by looking for some expensive jewelry to wear, class rings will make you the center of attention at your next party. As a successful alumnus, wearing a class ring signifies that you have a certain level of importance. Now I won’t lie, these are not your normal rings that cost a simple $1oo. These rings on average cost up to $1000, but that is only because you can customize by choosing your material, color and of course have your name engraved on the ring. Try showing up to your college celebration party with this ring, and you definitely will be the center of attention.

9. Hanging Lights

College celebrations are all about having a good night to enjoy with your friends. But who wants to hang around each other with just standard house lights? Instead, try using lanterns or UV lights on the greenery in your backyard to cast a soft light over your party. These lights will help give your party a nice vibe to help set the mood.

10. Cake 

No graduation party will ever be a party without a cake. But don’t forget, it is a college celebration cake, so of course, it needs to be a cake that needs to speak to all college kids. I would recommend a cake theme that describes all the crazy wild times you experienced in college. It’s the perfect way to enjoy some tasty sweets while feeling that perfect buzz!


Having an end-of-the-year college celebration is a way to enjoy the good times we had with friends and make memories that will last forever for us to remember.