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How To Have The Best Boujee Brunch

How To Have The Best Boujee Brunch

Turn a boring brunch into a boujee brunch with a few simple steps. This is not your grandma’s brunch anymore. We’re talking about great food, amazing outfits and the best decorations. This is the type of brunch you’ll want to attend and post on social media. With these tips, you can have the best boujee brunch ever.

1. Dress Code

This is not a roll out of bed, throw on any clothes you can find and run out the door kind of brunch. Oh no, this is the real deal so you need to dress like a real adult. To have the best boujee brunch, you need to have everyone dress the part. Now we are not saying you need to wear an evening gown, but guests should look presentable. Ladies, it means spending some time on hair and makeup. Gents, make sure you shower and put on a nice shirt. This gives your friends an excuse to get all dolled up for once!

2. Table Settings

Since everyone will be coming to your place for brunch, why not wow them with an impressive table setting. No paper plates for this party! Make sure you’re setting out plates, bowls, cups, silverware and napkins with fancy folds. Dress up the table itself with a table cloth, chargers and place mats. Hint: Target has you covered! You could even use name cards to show where everyone is sitting. This is more for fun than an actually seating chart!


3. Build Your Own Mimosa Bar

No bartender, no problem! Have your guests be their own, with a build your own mimosa bar. You’ll want to have LOTS of champagne on hand and keep the bottles chilling on ice. Instead of leaving the different juice options in their original containers, switch them out to glass canters. You’re hosting a boujee brunch, so it’s all about presentation! Then place the different garnishments in cute containers and you’re just about set. Make sure there are some decorations at the bar as well. Bonus: freeze flowers in an ice cube tray and set them in the ice bucket for an instant wow factor.


4. Donut Bar

Donut leave us hanging with this brunch idea. Donuts are happiness in a bite sized, sweet treat with sprinkles! It doesn’t get much better than that. So, why not serve up a little happiness at your brunch. Instead of just reaching into a box and pulling out a donut, display them in a visually appealing way. Set up a donut bar! In in this case a donut wall. You can order one on Etsy or if you’re crafty enough, you can make your own. Send guests home with leftover donuts or keep them all for yourself. We don’t judge.

5. Mini Food Items

Calories don’t count when it comes to mini food items! Just kidding, they still do, but we pretend they don’t. You have to admit, you’re more likely to try a little of everything if all the food comes in mini size. So, when you’re making the food (buying it at the store and pretending) for your boujee brunchkeep that idea in mind. You can easily make mini parfaits, quiches, French toast and breakfast bites. The idea is to make the food look so good, that your guests want to take a picture first before they eat it!


6. Decorations

Decorations are important anytime you host a party at your place. A brunch is no different! You want your space to look as nice as possible and decorations give you a boost. You don’t have to have decorations on every available surface, you want to decorate tastefully. A little here and there will do the trick. It depends on how big the space is that you’re hosting in as well. When you try to put too much in a small area, it just ends up looking smaller. Try decorating with one statement piece and little pops everywhere else.


7. Color Scheme

To keep everything looking cohesive, follow a color scheme! If you’re a little unsure what that is, it’s picking a few colors that all go together and complement each other. In other words, you don’t want to decorate with colors that clash with each other. Your boujee brunch might end up looking like a bust, otherwise. Keep this in mind, when you are buying decorations and setting up the table! We suggest trying to stay within three to five colors, otherwise it gets a bit chaotic looking!

8. Glitter Strawberries

While we love mini food items, we can’t get over how stunning these strawberries are! Your guests won’t be able to believe that they’re actually edible,too! Glitter strawberries are going to be everyone’s new obsession after you serve them at your brunch. You can see if any bakeries in the area make them or you can prep them yourself the night before. Just make sure you buy edible, baking glitter and not craft glitter! No one wants to eat plastic, no matter how pretty it looks.


9. Whipped Coffee

To help balance out all the mimosas, serve your guest some whipped coffee. This trend became a big deal, during the Covid shutdown. Mostly, because all the coffee shops were shut down and we all needed our caffeine fix! Keep it going, by serving it at your boujee brunch! Your guests will love it for two reasons. First, they’ll want the caffeine kick and second, the coffee is so pretty they are likely to post it on their social media! Not too shabby for a drink that only takes five minutes or less to make.

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10. Chalkboard Menu

Give your brunch some extra flair with a chalkboard menu. This is purely for aesthetic purposes, but it’s just so fun, we couldn’t leave it off the list. At the top of the board make sure to give your brunch a name. Go with your name or make it something fun and punny. Then you should write out everything you are serving at your lunch! This is kind of important if anyone has food allergies. All that’s left to do, is set it up somewhere that everyone can see and appreciate it.


11. Fresh Flowers

This is straight out of the Blair Waldorf handbook. We learned from her, that fresh flowers just make everything seem so much more polished.  When you’re picking up items for brunch, don’t forget to pick up a fresh bouquet from the florist. You don’t have to spend a fortune on flowers, a little bit goes a long way to giving your boujee brunch all the pizzazz that it deserves. You can split the bouquet into smaller parts so that the tables and serving area can each have some floral decorations.

12. Playlist

A party is only as good as its playlist! Okay, maybe not exactly, but music can boost everyone’s mood at a party. You want to make sure you have a good mix of throw backs and current hits. Throw in some Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys to balance out Lizzo or Ariana Grande. Make a playlist in advance so no one has to play DJ.  This way everyone can relax and have a good time with just the right amount of background music.


13. Guest List

Just kidding! You can invite any of your friends that you want to have at your party. You’re the hostess after all. Just make sure you actually have enough room to host all those people at your place. Try to avoid adding anyone at the last minute, unless you absolutely have to!


How will you incorporate these tips into your boujee brunch? Which idea can’t you wait to try? Comment and share with us below!

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