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How to Have the best 90’s Theme Party

If I could choose a different time to have lived as a teenager or young adult, it would have been the 90’s. This was practically the golden age of style, grunge, and attitude. From edgy street style hip-hop to headbanger heavy metal and original dance battle, the 90s was where it was at. Here are 10 ways how you and your friends can have a part in recreating the era. 

1. Dance Party

Forget all those boring TikTok dance trends that make you like you’re doing the same thing over and over again. A 90’s dance party was all about having that funky rhythm and style, and like all 90s dance party’s you got to have the correct music. I’m talking Backstreet Boys, Marilyn Manson, TLC, Tupac, and Biggi Smalls. A 90s dance party in my opinion is all about letting your creativity hit the dance floor letting you bust a real move!

2. Photobooth

Sure, selfies are fun and all, but choosing to use a photo booth instead shows timeless creativity. Try looking for a 90s photo booth and some props that add a matching backdrop to transform one of your walls. All the guests can take photos on their cell phones and post them on social media, or you can keep it authentic and take all your party photos on an old-school Polaroid camera.

3. Retro Video Game’s

It is time to take a break from VR, XBOX Live, and playing online on the PS5 and put the originality and thrill back into playing video games. Playing 90s video games is all about enjoying the simple competitive thrill with your friend not having to worry about not having to care about what other people are saying in a live chat room. The original video games like Super Mario, Sonic, and Donkey are 10 times better played on retro gaming consoles like the Gameboy, Sega, Nintendo 64 shoot even the first PlayStation 1 came out in the 90s.

4. Get Slimed

As 90s kids, there was nothing better we loved more than watching people get slimed on television. Now that we are all adults, we can create our slime by just creating simple ingredients such as vanilla pudding and green food coloring and dumping it on all our friends or using it as a punishment and slime the losers of your 90s trivia game. This may not be the exact way how slime is made, but there is nothing better than recreating our favorite childhood games.

5. 90s Food

 The 90s was such a unique time, this era had its signature food and drinks that defined what it meant to grow up in the 90s. The best thing about serving 90s themed snacks is that it is both fun and easy. Just set out some Lunchables, Hot Pockets, pizza rolls, pizza bagels, and pretty much any pizza-themed food that’s not pizza. Make it a shine by including Toaster Strudel pastries, and add a side of cheese puffs, Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, and Fruit by the Foot to complete the meal. Let’s not forget the drinks of Course!  For an adults-only beverage, try mixing up some Capri-sun Cocktails.

6. Decorations

The 9os was all about standing out from the ordinary crowd by displaying stunning decorations. All you have to do is Scatter some confetti squares and triangles in bright colors, hang rainbow Slinkies from the ceiling, and use Magic 8-Balls as centerpieces. You can even use life life-size cutouts of your favorite rock band members and rap culture icons from the 90s. But no 90s birthday party would be real without including party favors having goodies like scrunchies, slap bracelets, butterfly clips, jelly roll pens, spike collars, and Lisa Frank folders.

7. Finding the Right Outfit

A Halloween party may be the time to get festive and dress up, but a 90s party is all about wearing something that stands out. Wearing something from the 90s pretty much includes bright colors, busy geometric patterns, bucket hats, and overalls. You can also suggest dressing up like your favorite actor who made it big in the 90s like Will Smith’s brightly colored T-shirts on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” or Alicia Silverstone’s plaid outfit in “Clueless.” 

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8. Games

I won’t lie, the 90s did not fool around when it came to all types of entertainment with video games, but there is nothing better than having good times enjoying classic games with family and friends. From competitive games like uno to deep juicy games like truth or dare. Try setting up a 90s game station complete with all of the best 90s games at the time such as Bop It, Skip It, Pogs, Velcro toss and catch, and Twister. Let the nostalgic feels come out with everyone’s favorite games from childhood.

9. Party Invitations

Nowadays, our way of letting people know that there is a party happening is by putting up our stories on social media. The 90s was a bit different, it involved us making actual invitations getting the word out to certain people letting them know where the party is at. The best thing about 90s party invitations is that they had character and design to have the perfect theme. Your invite could include brightly colored geometric shapes that let guests know they’re in for the most 90s night of their lives that also included all the events that took place in the 90s.

10. Trivia Night

As 90s kids, we like to brag a lot talking about how we grew up in the best era with 90s legends from Aaliyah, Biggie, Marilyn Manson, and DMX. The best way to test our 90s authenticity is to put it to the test with trivia nights. Try using flashcards and writing down questions related to the 90s era like “who’s that celebrity”? The more question that you get right, you are pretty much recognized as the real 90s era master.

The 90s was seen as more than just an ere filled with wacky clothing and goofy catchphrases. It was the last generation of what it meant to be an innovator in fashion, music, acting, and just having that original attitude.

Marcellus Johnson

"The imagination is precious. Don't lose it. Don't lose the child in you" Marilyn Manson

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