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How To Have Fun At Your First College Party

College will not only be about going to classes and studying. While you are there to learn, you are also there to have some memorable experiences. One experience that most college students go through is going to a college party. There will usually be a decent amount of them every year so you will have a lot of opportunities. They will start late at night and you will probably find parties at multiple locations. It is almost a rite of passage to go to a college party. It proves that you are not a child anymore. You are going wherever you want and you are ready to get wild. Once you plan on going to a party, there are a couple tips you should follow in order to have an amazing time. It might seem easier to just show up and play it by ear, but that is not the best option. You want to be able to maximize the excitement and not end up bored or worrying too much. Here are some tips that you should follow so that your first college party will be as smooth as possible.

1. Go With Your Friends

You may feel awkward if you show up to a party on your own. It can be overwhelming to be in a new environment, especially if you are surrounded by strangers. While you may get to loosen up later in the night, you should still be able to start the night strong. That is why you should attend your first party with some friends. It would be great to show up as a group, but even bringing one friend will make all the difference. You will be able to have someone going through the same experience as you. Also, it can be dark at night so you don’t want to walk alone. Bring friends on your way to the party so you are less likely to get lost. Once you arrive at the party, you can check out the scene together and decide a plan for the night. You may not be together for the whole night, but as long as you start the night together, you will begin with a comfortable tone for the party.

2. Dress Your Best

When you are going to a party, you are not going to be wearing some old sweats. One of the greatest parts about a party is that it gives you an excuse to dress up a little. College parties are a place to be seen and your introduction to nightlife. If it is your first party, this will be the first time a lot of people take a look at you, so make it count. Grab some of your nicest and coolest clothes for the party. Be aware that college parties can often be hot due to the crowded rooms, so even though jeans can be reliable, they might make you sweat during a party. Even if it’s cold out, don’t dress with too many layers. Bring out your most stylish shirts and skirts that you have been saving for a nice occasion. Wear some of your cutest shoes, but nothing too high so you don’t trip. You will probably meet someone really good looking with the right get up. All eyes will be on you and you will show why you belong at this party. 

3. Go To The Bathroom Beforehand

If there is one thing that is an issue for a party, it is going to be crowded. It will most likely be wall to wall with college students where you have to shove your way through. While you should move around to mingle and check the party out, you shouldn’t shove your way around too much. That is why you should make sure you go to the bathroom before you leave for the party. It will be tough to get to the bathroom in a party. Especially if it is your first time at this location, it could be impossible to find the bathroom. Then there will probably end up being a line when you get there. And those bathrooms probably will not be very clean. So instead of wasting your time going through all of this, go before you leave so you have more time to have fun.

4. Be Aware Of Your Alcohol Tolerance

It is no secret that college parties are filled with college students drinking. This might be the first thing that people think of when they think of a college party. However, it is not like the movies where people will pressure you to drink. You get to decide if you are going to partake and how much alcohol you will drink. And while the amount is your decision, you should proabably take it slow if it is your first time. You don’t know the party scene that well and so you probably don’t know a lot of the people that well. If you go too far, it can lead to many dangerous consequences. Once you go to more parties, you may be more comfortable with your surroundings, but if you want to have the most fun at your first party, stay chill. Eat something beforehand to help your tolerance. Drink a little to loosen up and to try something new, but be aware of how much it takes to get you drunk. Parties are meant for good times, and you don’t need alcohol for that, so keep everything in moderation.

5. Introduce Yourself To New People

As mentioned before, you are going to be seeing a lot of people at parties. You might know some of them already, but others may be people you have never met before. You will probably be starting the night with people you already know, but that does not mean you can only talk to each other. If you see someone that looks friendly, try to make conversation. It can start with a comment about a party or maybe a compliment about something that they are wearing. It is good to get outside your comfort zone and get to know people. You may even find someone really cute to flirt with. By the end of night, you’ll probably have some new friends and new numbers in your phone. You are not going to meet new people in your room. Stick by your old friends, but don’t be afraid of new ones.

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6. Try To Never Be Alone

You may think that being in a party surrounded by other people would mean that your are never alone. However, that is simply not true. You could be surrounded by people, but that doesn’t mean you know them. This may seem like it is a chance for new opportunities, but this is usually not the safest scenario. That is why you should always be next to someone that you know. Try to maintain the buddy system. If you are not with a friend, you could get lost or you could get hurt. It doesn’t always have to be the same person, but it should at least be with someone that you know and trust. There is always safety in number. Besides, it is always more fun to hang out with friends than alone. You and your group can explore together and go through the same experience. You will be able to feel comfortable and relaxed when you are with your buds.

7. Join In On Some Games

A party is not always about drinking and standing around talking to people. Every so often you might find some games to play. If you see that happening, you should try to play at least a round. There are all sorts of games like pong, flip cup, or maybe there is a backyard with more traditional games like cornhole. These could all lead to some excitement. If you feel like you are getting bored, the games can bring out a competitive side of you. You will be doing something active and playing around with some people. It does not have to be something that you focus on for the whole night, but try to play a little bit to give you more energy. It will also be a great way to show off how you can be the life of the party. People will see how fun you are and it can help with meeting new people. Not to mention there is nothing like the endorphins from winning a game. So take a break from standing around and do something a little more exhilarating so that your first party is filled with many thrills.

8. Know That You Have Free Will

Whatever happens at the party, remember that you can make your own choices. You don’t have to give in what other people are ding. That may sound like an after school special, but it is true. If you want to drink water the whole night, that is great. If you want to stick with a certain friend and what they are doing, that is also cool. If you want to leave early because you feel tired, that is totally understandable. This is the best way to have fun at a party. If someone or if society is calling all of the shots for you, then the party will feel like more of an obligation than a fun time. You are allowed to do whatever you want. Remember, there is no longer a parent looking over your shoulder. The beauty of college is that everything is up to you. So you should decide for yourself what your party time looks like. No one knows yourself better than you, so do what you think is fun to have fun.

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