How To Have Facetime With Your SO This Valentine’s Day If You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

How To Have Facetime With Your SO This Valentine’s Day If You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long distance relationship can be hard to get through, but with technology nowadays, it is easier than ever to communicate! We have become a world that Facetimes to see each other at are in relationships and have been content with the idea of a relationship being this way. Here are some ways to Facetime this Valentine’s day with your other half!

1. Dinner Date

Create a dinner date with the same food so you don’t feel so alone this Valentine’s season. Make sure you plan ahead what you both are planning to eat and Facetime while you both cook together so it will feel like you are together. It could be fun to try to cook at the same time and to have everything finished at the same time as well.

You can create the table so it’s like they are on the other side of the table. Don’t be afraid to decorate the table a little bit. Make sure you are making as big of an effort as you can so you both can have a great evening together.

This is a time where you can talk and eat together while anyone interrupting. Having a long distance relationship is hard and can cause a lot of drama depending on the couple, but being able to Facetime during Valentine’s day can help ease the stress long distance can cause! You’ll be able to have a fun night together and talk for as long as you want to!

How To Have Facetime With Your SO This Valentine’s Day If You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

2. Movie Date

It may seem like having a movie date can be impossible, but there are websites that let you watch the same movie together without making it a big deal. Being able to have time to relax and not just talk face-to-face can be nice when all you want is their company while watching the same thing!

Having a movie date can help ease the long distance relationship between you by doing one normal thing together without making it awkward. You’ll be happy to not have the long silence pauses while you both are trying to find something to talk about. The movie can also be a place where you find new interests if you are a fresh couple and do not know too much about each other.

It’ll have a positive effect on your long distance relationship no matter the point you are at! You’ll love having the opportunity to have one of you pick a movie and watch off every time you want to watch something. You can also talk over the movie too if you just want the movie on as back ground noise while you talk to each other!

3. Open Gifts Together

If you are one of those couple who sent each other gift during every holiday, then make sure you open gifts together. It’ll give you both something to talk about before you open them and can open up a fun conversation! Buy gifts you know the other won’t guess, make it be something funny or wild depending on your type of relationship.

Make this time of the year fun for you both and stress free because a long distance relationship is already hard enough without all of the stigma around it. Make sure when you are opening the gifts that you are doing it alone because you know how hard it is to finally have alone time and when you have it, it seems to not last as long as you were hoping it would.

Gifts are a great way to show you love the other person and can help them miss you less than they always do. This gives you the opportunity to show the other how you truly feel and if you are say ‘I love you’ for the first time, make a statement with your gift. You’ll want the other to remember it for a long time!

How To Have Facetime With Your SO This Valentine’s Day If You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

4. Create A Scavenger Hunt

If you are buddy-buddy with people that your significant other’s friends, have them help you set up a nice scavenger hunt that you’ll be tagged along in. It might be the first place they messaged you or place where one of you said ‘I love you.’ But make it special. A true scavenger hunt with hints only they would know. But you have to find out what to put at the end of the hunt.

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Is it going to be a picnic? A big gift? Something they would have never thought of. This will give you the chance to test yourself about what you know about your significant other; and they’ll know that you spent a lot of time figuring everything out. A scavenger hunt is a great game to play if you have a lot planned and have a lot of help! If you don’t, it may be a little hard to do even though it might be a good idea.

For those who have been in a long distance relationship for a considerably long time, this is a great game for you to try and configure! It’ll mean more that the ‘firsts’ were a long time ago and you remember them! 

5. Surprise Your Significant Other

The best gift you could ever give your long distance relationship is to be able to see each other physically! The thought of being able to finally see each other after a long time a part is one of the best thoughts you can have in a situation like this.

If gives you a chance you be the gift for once and to see the look on their face when they see you for the first time in a long time! Although Facetiming is great, it can sometimes get repetitive and you can start having the same conversation which starts to make the relationship a little dry.

Being able to Facetime and knock on their door at the same time to surprise is one of the best gifts you can ever give them!

How To Have Facetime With Your SO This Valentine’s Day If You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

Have you tried any of these ideas? Which ones worked for you? Tell us in the comments below!
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