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How To Have An Alternative Thanksgiving

How To Have An Alternative Thanksgiving

Alternative Thanksgivings are the same November holiday you know and (maybe) love, but with a modern twist. Instead of celebrating the holiday normally, Alternative Thanksgivings instead offer different and unique alternatives that aren’t usually associated with the holiday’s classic traditions. Now, let’s make some new traditions this Thanksgiving!

Different Meals

We’re starting off our alternative Thanksgiving list with a heavy hitter. Ditch all the usual, “classic” Thanksgiving meals to opt instead for more of… well, literally anything else. Drive around your town and order street food to serve. Mix in Mexican, Italian, all kinds of ethnic varieties to this American feast!

Take a page out of the non-conformity book and gorge yourself on whatever options you want, really!


How To Have An Alternative Thanksgiving


What’s the one complaint about Thanksgiving? Aside from having to experience your unpleasant family members, the politics inevitably going to be brought up, the dry turkey-


Okay, let’s rephrase that. What’s one complaint after Thanksgiving? The heaping servings of food people have eaten, of course! Thanksgiving is all about the feast, so let’s make your alternative Thanksgiving all about exercise!

There are loads of marathons in sessions on Thanksgiving day, like Atlanta’s Thanksgiving Day Half-Marathon or the Las Vegas Turkey Trot Half-Marathon. Maybe even start your own jogs around the neighborhood as the next family tradition.

Pre-Black Friday Preparation

Devote your whole entire day to the preparation and planning of Black Friday! This preparation can go with or without a Thanksgiving feast depending on how much your family cares for the holiday. But for the most part, spending Thanksgiving day in anticipation for the wonderful deals during Black Friday generally means cutting some things off your holiday bucket list.


You can probably celebrate Thanksgiving really early in time to get in line before dusk. And besides, spending a portion of your Thanksgiving preparing for Black Friday isn’t all that alternative these days.

Throw A Friendsgiving

Can’t make it to the family function? Don’t want to make it? Or simply don’t have anything planned with family? Forget it all and just have a Friendsgiving instead! Celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends may prove to be a non-traditional affair entirely, knowing the shenanigans companions can get up to just for a laugh. 

Having a Friendsgiving means you can avoid all the nasty confrontational drama of a family gathering, differing politics, and being subjected to humiliating experiences. 

How To Have An Alternative Thanksgiving


Who needs a house to make you feel all warm and cozy for the holiday? Who says you even need to feel warm and cozy on Thanksgiving? Make your alternative Thanksgiving a bustling one by going to a restaurant! Any restaurant, from a gas station diner to a fancy casino buffet, may serve you and your family well this holiday season when it comes to the food and atmosphere they provide.

Thanksgiving cooking can be exhausting. Since there are tons of restaurants out there that do serve Thanksgiving dishes, why not try your holiday meal here? 

Sports And Activity Sessions

Fall is the beginning of the football season and there’s no better way to utilize that seasonal festivity than by actually playing it! Any activity will do, really, so long as it can be an inclusive group affair! By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, the weather is just perfect enough to play and participate in.

Play soccer at the park, perform your musical talents at church, draw and paint for a past-time, any and all activities that exercise your potential can help make for an alternative Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you have, how lucky you are for the family, food, and roof around you. Others aren’t so lucky, unfortunately. Consider then, taking time out of your day to get out there and volunteer at your local community shelters.

Help feed the hungry and give shelter to the homeless folks in your area. Come to the comfort of the furry critters at animal shelters, who always need extra support. Pick up trash along the highway. Spread your thankfulness around by volunteering!

How To Have An Alternative Thanksgiving

Vacation Trips

Spending the holidays at home? Booooooooring. For the people who want to shake up their dreary holiday sameness, a better alternative has definitely got to be planning a vacation trip! Vacation with your family anywhere you guys decide to go, and visiting relatives does not count.

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Whether it’s taking a relaxing tropical cruise or visiting another state, trips can provide you and your family a wonderful experience. 

Television Binge-Watch

Thanksgiving is usually the odd duck sitting between it’s more competitive holiday cousins, Halloween and Christmas. Therefore, there’s not a lot of Thanksgiving-inspired movies produced. But, you can always rely on the occasional Thanksgiving television special on TV to fill that gap.

Who can turn a blind eye to Charlie Brown features? Resist the hilarious Friends holiday special? It’s a golden age for television right now, so if you want to celebrate Thanksgiving by watching other people celebrating it (and not in a creepy way) start up your TV!

How To Have An Alternative Thanksgiving


Instead of a feast, why not throw a party instead? Drink and dance all night long with whatever company deciding to tag along. Throw a potluck if you want, just as long as it’s not a traditional Thanksgiving ceremony.

Playing loud music and party games, if you want the kind of party that’ll rock everybody’s socks off! You decide what makes your party guests go nuts! 

Your Own Family Traditions

No online article listing can account for your own Thanksgiving traditions. Everyone is different and we all come from unique backgrounds. Indulge in your family’s eccentricities and maximize them by 100%. Look into the old family lineage and get in touch with your Old World or New World roots. 

Better yet, come up with your own alternative Thanksgiving ideas! Thinking of doing something different is the key to an interesting and well-entertaining life.  

How To Have An Alternative Thanksgiving

What are your alternative thanksgiving traditions? What makes them special and how unique are they? Tell us how you celebrate the holiday by leaving a comment below!

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