How To Have A Practically Non-Existent Skincare Routine

I consider myself to be cheap and lazy when it comes to my skincare routine, but that does not mean I want my skin to have to suffer the consequences! Learning these tips made a world of a difference in allowing me to have a practically non-existent skincare routine, and hopefully they will help you too!

Learn that LESS IS MORE

When it comes to my skincare products, I used to find myself always seeking out the “next best thing” in terms of the best toners, masks, cleansers, etc. until I finally realized that doing this was most likely doing more harm than good to my skin (and each of my countless products were likely cancelling each other out in terms of the work they were doing). While I am no expert and don’t mean to say that there are not great skincare products out there, I have just learned that purchasing a serum just because one of my favorite Youtube Vloggers uses it does not mean that it will necessarily be the right choice for me and my skin type. This goes into my next tip.

Get to Know Your Skin Type

Often times it can be difficult to understand what specific skincare products you need, simply because you do not know what type of skin you even have. For example, if you find yourself struggling with oily skin and purchase a “hydrating facial toner,” chances are that it is not going to prove beneficial to your skin. With this in mind, visiting a dermatologist and getting your skin type “diagnosed” can be a great resource if you feel like you are cluelessly reading different articles about what skin type you have. After you are able to identify this, you can easily invest in just a few products that cater specifically to you and your skin type, and you will not have to sort through dozens of different products to see positive results, but rather two or three that are designed to work for you.

Use a Very Basic Cleanser

I feel that this tip goes along with the idea that “less is more,” but it is still relevant enough to point out separately. Based solely on my own experience, I have found that using facial cleansers that contain frilly scents or promise to cure your acne tends to cause more damage than good to my skin. By choosing cleansers containing unnecessary fragrances and ingredients, it is much more likely that they will clog your pores and therefore cause damage to your otherwise clear skin. While I cannot say that there are absolutely no cleansers out there that have beneficial ingredients (salicylic acid, charcoal, etc.), I have just found that my skin is much clearer and healthier when I stick with a cleanser with nothing but the basics. The specific cleanser that I use is the CeraVe Foaming Cleanser, which you can easily and affordably purchase for yourself right here.

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Moisturizing is something that I used to absolutely never include in my skincare routine because I tend to have slightly oily skin, but I have finally learned that avoiding moisturizing is NOT the solution to this. After doing quite a bit of research, I’ve learned that moisturizing is the key to balancing the oil in your skin. Obviously if you have dry skin it makes sense that moisturizing helps bring the proper amount of hydration to your skin through healthy oils, but it is just as essential for oily skin. If you have oily skin, chances are that your skin is trying to make up for the lack of moisture it gets on a daily basis (WHICH YOU CAN FIX simply by using a gentle moisturizer)!! Bottomline, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and your skin will be healthier, more youthful, and more radiant than ever! I promise!

Cater to Your Skin’s Needs

Catering specifically to your skin’s needs is the overall best piece of advice that I can leave you with in terms of creating the most effective, yet minimal skincare routine possible. If your skin is reacting poorly to a new moisturizer you’ve purchased, try a new one rather than combatting it with an additional product! While it might take a bit of guessing and checking until you find the perfect line-up of products, it is definitely worth it in the long run!

Hopefully you have found these tips helpful as you put together a skincare routine so minimal that it is practically nonexistent! Feel free to leave any of your own suggestions in the comments down below!

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