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How to Have a Perfect Workout at Home

How to Have a Perfect Workout at Home

I feel as though since the pandemic, fewer and fewer people are continuing to have gym memberships or memberships to boutique studio-style classes. And many people started their fitness journey and experienced it when the pandemic hit. It made people realize that maybe you don’t need to spend much money on studio classes and gym memberships. I believe that people figured out what styled workouts they like, and perhaps it no longer made sense for people to have gym memberships. So, more and more people have turned to exercise at home. Some people have gone as far as to create their gym in their basements or spare room, while others have invested in a few critical pieces of equipment they can place in a closet or basket when they no longer want to work out. But if you’re going to create the perfect workout at home, I suggest you keep reading this article.

1. Equipment

If you know what styled workouts you enjoy and your fitness goals, it is essential to have the equipment to get you there. Now I’m not saying you need to invest in some expensive treadmill or weight system. But I would start with the basics. I believe having a good mat is essential, especially if you have hard floors, such as hardwood or tile. You will need a supportive mat for any styled workout because it will be used for training and stretching before and after and on recovery days. These are also very easy to store. I also think it is essential to purchasing a full-length mirror. Again you don’t have to be fancy with it; it can be a mirror meant for a college dorm room. The point of having the mirror is to focus on your form. Since you are working out from home, chances are you will not have a trainer with you. So, you much make sure that you are watching your form, so you don’t get injured. Again, if you go to Bed Bath and Beyond, you can buy one of the full-length mirrors that are meant for dorm rooms, and you can prop them up against a door or wall when you are ready to work out, and when you are done, they are so simple to hide. I recommend getting the necessary equipment depending on your goals and what workout style you enjoy. Maybe that is investing in a treadmill, or perhaps it’s investing in some dumbbells, resistance bands, or medicine balls. It depends, but you can always start your selection off small and keep adding to it. I know that Amazon, Walmart, and Target all sell dumbbells on the cheaper side. But if you are looking for dumbbells or equipment that is more legit or has a more extensive selection, then you probably have a fitness store near you that sells all different types of equipment. If you want to build the perfect workout at home, you must have the equipment to keep you safe and help you achieve your fitness goals.
2. Program

For those of us who may not be able to put a workout program together for ourselves because we are not trainers, I recommend purchasing a program. There are different types of apps to choose from when it comes to fitness apps, with lots of free trials. But perhaps if you are getting into fitness and are unsure where you want to begin, I recommend starting on YouTube. There are tons of free content from actual fitness studios or certified trainers. This is an excellent free platform to use; you can see what workouts you like and don’t like. This way, you can keep following them by subscribing to them on YouTube or see if they have a fitness app that you can purchase or a fitness app that is the same style. My only recommendation is that if you go to YouTube, check their credentials to ensure they are certified. This will help limit injury. But I have enjoyed classes from Madfit, Barre3, PopSugar Fitness, and more. If you want to go straight to the app store, I recommend the Peloton app, Sweat app, and Sweat Sessions. All these apps have various styled workouts and instructors that are all certified. I believe that if you are doing activities from your home, it is essential to have a program that you follow because it will help you stay motivated and work out properly for your personal goals.

3. Music

Try and find a good workout playlist that you enjoy or even create it yourself. If making your playlist isn’t for you, no sweat because there are tons out there! I love listening to the Big Bootie Mixes on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. You can search for workout playlists, pop playlists, HIIT workout playlists, and more. You will be able to find one that you enjoy listening to during your workouts. When working out from home, it is essential to have the right playlist to motivate you because you don’t have a trainer or other members in a class to cheer you on and keep up good energy and vibes. So you will find that your music will fuel your motivation and energy levels when you are working out. I don’t believe fine, but multiple studies say that listening to music while working out helps and may even lead to a better workout. So, I recommend finding a good music mix or playlist you enjoy.

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4. Schedule

If you want the best at-home workout, you must find a spot for it within your schedule. This will help you to find the time to stay consistent and motivated. It will also prevent you from feeling rushed or stressed during your workouts. Remember that you are working out for yourself, so try to make this a premium experience by creating a schedule that fits you at home.


I recommend that you follow all of these tips to create the perfect at-home workout best suited for you.