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How To Have A Memorial Day Cookout Indoors

Throw a great Memorial Day cookout indoors this year! Here in this article, I will describe how to do just that!


The decor is vital for a good Memorial Day Cookout! Your guests want to see what they are coming to celebrate. Memorial decorations will also set a celebration vibe! This will set up your gathering for success!

You can DIY most, if not all, of your decorations. You just need the right materials. If you do not DIY your decorations, then go buy some! Keep it simple and festive!

Have Games And Activities Ready

You need games and activities at every Memorial Day cookout or any cookout period! Cookouts are meant to be enjoyed. It is a time to have fun and let loose! Games and activities do just that! Find some great board, card, or other games that fit your guests! You can also find some activities like team-building exercises that will bring your guests closer together and cause so much fun! That is what makes games and activities so great!

Have some games set out for your guest to have access to, and some activities planned out to play at some point at the cookout!

Keep The Music Going

Music is another crucial part of a gathering. Most Memorial Day Cookouts have the radio going, and that is a good choice, plus this option takes minimal effort. Yet, some hosts do not like the music on the radio for reasons of appropriateness or just what they prefer musically. Therefore, a better option for this person would be to create a playlist of your music favorites on a device. Then connect the device to a speaker and play it throughout the celebration. Make sure that your playlist is long enough that if it is put on repeat, the music will not sound annoyingly repetitive (try a playlist that has a time estimate of 2-3 hours).

Music will create a fun environment and will help everyone enjoy themselves even more!


Every adult gathering typically has some type of drinks! Of course, this is not meaning typical sodas or teas. This section of the article is talking about some festive alcoholic beverages. Some do not like to drink around there kids. However, others do not mind drinking one or two drinks at a family gathering. Therefore, give your guests options! Have a few wines, beers, cocktails, etc. at your home as well as sodas, juices, etc. there too. This drink selection will then cater to all of your guests.

Be sure to keep these drinks away from the children and make sure that your visitors are drinking wisely.

Kids Area

Have a kid’s area. Yes, an area just for kids. Preferably a kid’s area will be a room or a section of your house or yard. By having a kid’s area, the children present at the cookout will have a space to do as they please in a sense. This space can have toys, art projects, movies playing, songs going, etc. This is a space that is meant to entertain your kids so that the adult guests may have more time to have adult conversations and just to have some time to enjoy themselves.

I have found a kid’s area to work so well for many gatherings, and if you try this suggestion out yourself, you will see that as well!


Let us talk about food! Food is such an essential part of an indoor or outdoor Memorial Day Cookout! Of course, it is! So, this means that every celebration needs some excellent and satisfying food to serve to your guests. You can choose to do a Pot Luck (every one of your guests brings a dish), or you can get your celebration catered, or you can cook yourself. No matter what you decide to do, make sure the food that you have is up to par with your standards. I do not suggest that if you do a Pot Luck that you allow anyone to bring whatever they choose. This is because if people bring sides, then you lacking the other elements of a meal. So, the best thing is to let your guest pick what they desire off of a food list that you created. If some of your guests want to bring specific foods, then that is fine as long as you okay it!

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Have your food menu exactly how you desire and partake in a delicious meal during your Memorial Day Cookout!


One way to keep everyone entertained during your indoor Memorial Day cookout is to put something good on TV. This is, of course, optional. However, it is a great way to keep conversations going and the kids watching something instead of running through the house. Put on a family movie or show that you believe all your guest would appreciate. You will see that this is an excellent suggestion to consider because, at times, music can become bothersome to some and become old after a while. So, Tv is the next best option!

Do not stress if you can not find a show, video, or movie. Many guests are not picky about what is on TV at other people’s gathering, so do not be either.


Attire is vital to every holiday celebration! Within your invitation, mention that you desire everyone to come dressed for a Memorial Day celebration. They can dress in specific colors, designs, etc. This will allow everyone to walk in the gathering ready for the event and fun! This is a lot of people’s favorite part of getting prepared for a celebration! Getting dressed in the right attire will build excitement for the even, and that is precisely what we want!

I am sure that you have already considered this for your gathering, and that is great! This portion of the article is just to remind you of how to throw a great Memorial Day gathering at home!

Use these suggestions to help you create a great Memorial Day cookout indoors! Comment below which memorial day activity you are looking forward to doing this year!

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