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How To Have A Great Time At A College Party

How To Have A Great Time At A College Party

How To Have A Great Time At A College Party

College parties don’t always have to be wild and the fun comes from the freedom from supervision. College students don’t have to worry about parents busting in or chaperone the whole night. They also don’t have to be unruly with only chips and liquor. College parties can be as typical as a holiday-themed party, something formal like a dinner or a small group of friends hanging out after struggling through the last dreadful days of finals. Hosting a decent college party shouldn’t require much other than food, games for the college partygoers, some decorations, drinks and good music. When you have these few things for your guests, it’ll definitely enhance the vibe of the college party.


The games you have for the guests don’t always have to be daring. A few drinking games to play at any college party is beer pong, flip cup or stack cup. However, if you aren’t in for the drinking games and spiked treats, you can most definitely have card games or board games and sip on regular soda pop, fruit juices, and water. You can still have fun with or without drinking. Still, your drinks for the guests don’t have to only be just clear liquor. You can mix them with fruit punch and treats like jello. Alcohol intake within limits can help tune in with the party atmosphere, where music can range as far as the crowd’s state extends to.

How To Have A Great Time At A College Party


Sometimes, you do have a few shy guests who don’t really party much and it’s okay. The guests should anticipate an inviting aura from college parties and the lasting experiences should be free-spirited and positive at all times so they can eventually lead to building long term relationships after the party. You can encourage them to mingle and make some new friends or maybe introduce them to your own friends so they can warm up a bit to them as well. Also, remember to invite your neighbors to your event because the more people you know that would be attending the party, the more at ease you may feel. You don’t want them to file a complaint about loud noises, especially if they are plotting to be petty party poopers.

How To Have A Great Time At A College Party


Al in all, college parties can test your maturity and allow you to realize that making your own decisions, either good or bad, can lead to a life lesson. Remember to always stay true to yourself and respect others and their property. If you want to invite anyone who didn’t get the memo about the party, make sure you notify whoever is hosting the event and also remind your guests to be respectful of the host’s party. When you’re at any party, do not think it’s okay to practice your kleptomaniac skills or try any funny business when people are wasted. Make sure that you also are aware of what’s going on around you. More importantly, just be yourself. There’s no need to wear that expensive pair of shoes to show off at a party or something that is tight-fitting or a bit too revealing.

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Whether you are the host, co-host(s) or guests of the party, allow that day to be as inviting, heartwarming and free as it can be. The party should be sweet, memorable, and unforgettable. Ultimately, college parties should be used as a simple way to create new connections with people and allow you to open up and mingle with new people. We all know that it can be a bit unnerving for a while when you’re trying to get to know someone.

How To Have A Great Time At A College Party

Sometimes, there are guests at special occasions who are probably looking for a friend who’s interested in the things that they are interested in as well. Wouldn’t it be cool to meet someone at a party who also plays the same games or interested in the same sports team that you are interested in? You just have to believe in yourself and be willing to befriend new people that you will meet along the way in your college life.

If you guys have any other ideas about what you can do at a college party, share them below!

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