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How to Handle An Approaching Quarter-Life Crisis

How to Handle An Approaching Quarter-Life Crisis

Here is how you can handle a quarter life crisis like a boss. People who go through this crisis come out the other end much more clear headed.

Have you just graduated from college? Moved to a new city where you don’t know anyone? Are you unsure about your job, relationships, and purpose in life? I am no doctor but these are definite symptoms of a quarter-life crisis. For those unfamiliar with the term, a quarter life crisis occurs in your twenties as you transition into adulthood. It’s a time of uncertainty that leaves many in an anxiety-ridden state of insecurity and confusion. If you are going through your own quarter-life crisis, fear not, for here are some tips to make your  crisis a little easier to handle.

1. Know That You’re Not Alone

Even though it may feel like you are the only person struggling, realize that many people have experienced the exact same feelings of stress and confusion. This is a time in life where many people are trying to find themselves, and it is completely normal to be in your twenties and not have your life all figured out.

How to Handle An Approaching a Quarter-Life Crisis

2. Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

A quick scroll through Instagram or Facebook may make it seem like everyone else has gotten their dream jobs, is engaged, or traveling the world. But that is simply the world of social media, and doesn’t ever show the full picture of someone’s life. Try to work on quieting your inner critic, and stop comparing your life to others. That might mean taking a break from social media, but it will probably ease the pressure of trying to have a perfect life.

How to Handle An Approaching a Quarter-Life Crisis

3. Find Your Support System

Whether it’s hashing out your feelings with friends, family, or a therapist talk about how you feel with people who care about you. This is a stressful time of a quarter life crisis and keeping your feelings to yourself will only make things more difficult. A support system can help give you the strength you need to get yourself back on your feet and start feeling like yourself again.

How to Handle An Approaching a Quarter-Life Crisis

4. Set Some Goals

Write down your goals for the future. Ask yourself: what your dream life looks like? Don’t be afraid to dream big, and make sure to write down what you want out of all the aspects of life that you are struggling with in your quarter life crisis. Once you figure out what it is that you truly want out of life, you’ll be able to have something to work towards.

How to Handle An Approaching a Quarter-Life Crisis

5. Now Break Those Goals Down

You’re not going to be able to turn your life around in a day. Getting to where you want to be in life takes time. Instead of overwhelming yourself by trying to accomplish all your goals at once, break them down into smaller, more manageable steps. Breaking down your goals into tinier tasks will not only be easier for you handle, but each goal you accomplish will also begin to feel like a victory.

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How to Handle An Approaching a Quarter-Life Crisis

6. Accept That Things Won’t Always Go Your Way

Having a quarter life crisis means that you are in a time of transition. That means that there will probably be some rejection. Whether it’s not getting the job you want, going through a break-up, or losing friends, rejection is an unpleasant but common occurrence in your twenties. Try not to take these losses too personally, and remind yourself that these aren’t setbacks, but actually tools that will help make you stronger.

How to Handle An Approaching a Quarter-Life Crisis

7. Look At The Positives

There’s probably nothing more annoying than being told to stay positive when you are feeling down, but try to see the benefits of this time in your life. This is a time full of possibility, and while right now the future may seem pretty bleak, you actually are in a period where you can figure out what you truly want. As you transition into adulthood, you’ll be able to be fully in charge of where life takes you. Try to re-frame your crisis instead as an opportunity to figure out who you are and what you want out of life.

How to Handle An Approaching a Quarter-Life Crisis

Have you experienced a quarter life crisis? Let us know in the comments below!

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